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Since marvel will now be making more Avengers series and the thing that we need is a death to remember. Hopefully no major deaths will take place in Civil War but i'll be talking about if there will not be a major death in this upcoming Civil War. So since Thanos (the right hand of death) obviously wants to get all the stones to fit in odens infinity gaunlet which he obviously stole because it showed in Guardians of the Galaxy Thanos getting the infinity gaunlet from odens vault and it also showed in Thor 2 oden gone and loki sitting on his throne and the prediction that im making is that in the next avengers movie (Avengers Infinity wars) is that Loki and Thanos will team up and fight off the Avengers and hopefully we will be getting that Avengers/Guardians of the galaxy cross over we all want. And one of the reasons that im thinking that Loki and Thanos will be together is because at another cameo of Thanos after Avengers 2 the frost king or whatever was talking to the right hand of death aswell, and remembering that the avengers faught and defeated the Chitauri army which was lead by Loki and teamed up with the frost king.

So obviously we all want to see this cross over in marvel but due to alot of ownership problems and with the hulk and stuff, it might not work out. But just imagine Thanos attacking earth and the avengers fight back then thanos kills vision and the avengers are weakend and the Guardians of the Galaxy will come to the rescue and team up with the Avengers and destroy Thanos before he gets all the stones.

What do you think will happen in Avengers Infinity wars?


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