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After a monsoon of trailers, poster ads, and TV spots, Deadpool has invaded the theaters and Valentine's Day weekend no less with flying colors among other things. And for a "R" rated movie, it has been a delightful surprise! Not only has Deadpool been full of off the wall action, it has a lot on the floor laughs and makes you wonder, "Is this a superhero movie I am watching or a awesome comedy?!", and the answer is is both. Sure, Deadpool himself does not consider himself a superhero, he is definitely an anti hero, but this is a superhero movie. Is it best one to date? Let's look at some of the intangibles, be warned, [Spoilers] may ensue.

Character depiction is spot on

Not being a complete and total Deadpool buff, but I know enough that was Deadpool all the way. Deadpool has a personality bigger than life and a mouth even bigger. Ryan Reynolds was made to play this guy, and proved every scene he was in. This may have been Ryan at his funniest since National Lampoon's Van Wilder. With that being said, Ryan Reynolds has not only redeemed himself, but has redeemed the X-Men franchise of that horrible biff of a depiction in the God awful X-men Origins Wolverine movie! Hugh is on his own on redeeming himself....still waiting, The Wolverine, meh.

[Let me let you know, I may want to cuss, so I will replace all cuss words with DEADPOOL. So.....use your imagination.]

So, if you were unfortunate victim of the unfortunate movie XO Wolverine, you probably needed a hug and a kiss after that DEADPOOL storm. works! Ryan Reynolds did come out the gate swinging at the beginning of the movie. I remember laughing because Ryan is a funny guy. He has always been funny, but what they did to him later in the movie was not very Deadpool at all. They basically turned him into a DEADPOOL tard! Look at this guy!

That's not even a face a mother could love! HOLY DEADPOOL!!! I mean his biggest characteristic is his mouth which was missing. Yikes!!!

Clearly, a lesson learned here as we get a completely unrestrained, unfiltered, and brand spanking new Deadpool that has gleefully donned an "R" rating that Ryan was so proudly to support and keep that way. Ask Mario Lopez about that.

Deadpool's personality is one of a wisecracking, toilet humor, boundry invading, brutal bringer of death and destruction....uh....guy. And even influencing unfortunate collateral damage....yeah, I'm spoiling that one, kind of, WAY too funny, trust me! If you are laughing at some very distasteful at times, gags & was born in the 80's, then Deadpool is your movie!

All honesty, this a redemption film for Ryan Reynolds revamping the character Deadpool, and believe or not, the Green Lantern.....NAH!!! DC & Warner Bros are on their own with that one! Sorry Hal.

The action was solid and the violence was brutal, but not over the top.

Now this movie is violent, no doubt. I had a few gasping moments during watching, but never was there a moment where I was like , "That was too much". It was not a gore fest like another unfortunate Marvel movie known as Punisher Warzone. That movie was so over the top in violence, I really tuned out midway through the movie. Deadpool clearly does not go beyond the boundary of ridiculousness, but it was about what I expected. With Deadpool flair, he made his MURDER DEATH KILL moments rather hilarious. Don't feel guilty about laughing at murder, it's and action comedy, so laugh away.

The Supporting cast was great!

Now movies like this could get bogged down by useless characters. This movie managed to not have useless characters. Every character seem to have their purpose, their moment in the sun, so to speak.

Vanessa, the Girlfriend.

Vanessa the girlfriend is the core of the story, after all, it is a love story. Deadpool [Wade Wilson], the real damsel in distress is on a warpath of revenge and is also on a mission of saving his girlfriend from certain doom & making the Chimi DEADPOOL changas! She is virtually his female twin, in a matter of speaking & simply made for him. She blissfully accepts and loves Wade for his wit, charm, sense of humor, and his perversional take on life. He simply loves and needs this woman, it is made clear in this movie more than anything.

Let it be known, They are not like The Joker & Harleyquin. Sure, he has jokes for days, weeks, years, decades...but he has a selective morality code, and you'll never know where he stands before it is already too late. The Joker is pure evil. Vanessa was never manipulated by Wade, whatever her past was, he was not responsible for. She is who she is on her own, the Gate Keeper and Key Master, a role that Wade would accept either. Reading into that comment is encouraged.

When Wade was diagnosed as a walking, talking, cancer dog on a stick, she did not waver and she remained hopeful of a miracle....<ENTER> Deadpool, the dirty funny miracle. I have to say she is the best superhero movie girlfriend EVER! Even though Morena Baccarine plays Jim Gordon's squeeze on Gotham, they are not even remotely the same character. They are like night and day. You can be you without the Mary Jane (Spider-man) eyes of judgment or the Pepper Potts (Iron Man) tired of the high-jinks looks. She is a weathered ultra cool girlfriend that only has eyes for Wade Wilson. As beautiful as she is, she is a lot cooler than her looks can provide.

The Weasel

Now I thought this character was going to be an eyesore throughout the movie, maybe some will disagree, but he was very enjoyable character. Look, I think T.J. Miller is a funny funny guy. He has been in roles where you are like, "Meh!". But hey, so was Kevin Hart before he became the Kevin Hart we know and love and see way too much now.

Weasel is Wade's best bud, kind of...maybe only bud, not a real good one. They have a weird but funny relationship & I'll leave it at that. There was no way he was a threat to outshine Ryan Reynolds in this movie, but he had some funny moments in the film himself. Thanks to him, you will be more selective on which avocados you buy in the near future.

Blind Al

This is Deadpool's mother-like figure of the movie, he was like a stray cat that she took in or he home invaded and decided to stay. She too accepts the sarcastic anti hero for who he is and she seems to have a shady past that they tend to hint at criminal past, there's more to her than meets the eye. She's really blind in the movie and I had intention of making a pun at her expense.

The Cab Driver?!

Yes, even the cab driver! I won't detail anything about him, but his addition to this movie was just another clever way to make Deadpool shine in this movie. Trust me, the cab driver scenes were great!

X-Men!!! ......Well.....Two of them.

Now I knew that there were two X-Men in this movie, any more beyond that would have been a shock, and honestly, it would have put this movie into another gear of awesomeness! They were simply there to try and recruit the Merc with the Mouth because....they needed a smart mouth for their team? They were merely added to connect Deadpool within the X-Men universe that already existed. Now, I don't how the X-Men franchise will change after this, but they may want to take notes, because the changes really paid off.


Okay, now this COLOSSUS, not that wimpy one from the X-Men movies. In the X-Men movies, he barely had any lines and he was simply a cameo character...that got torn apart like cotton candy in DOFP?! You'll be welcome to know they put the size and Russian back into the tin man. And he looked great, with the limited production dollars, he was the most impressive CGI based effect in the entire movie. This Colossus had more lines than the X-Men's Colossus did in the entire series. Amazing...

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

That is such a cool name! I don't know much about her, but she is a real teenage pain in the DEADPOOL and clearly a millennial misfit. If she had twenty more minutes in the movie, you're jaw would drop on how she conducts herself as a youth of the present. Heaven help us...but she does kick some serious DEADPOOL!


I won't waste too much time on the villains. They were bad guys, Ajax (Francis...HEE HEE) & Angel Dust. That is it, they fit the bill. Nothing overdone.

Now, these are basic bad guys that are responsible for jump-starting the legend of Deadpool, so there is that. I'm sure more time could have been spent on developing the two baddies, but this about Deadpool, DEADPOOLS!!!

Angel Dust was kind of scary. She is seriously a steroid induced super-freak with a very short fuse. You would have to wonder what would have happened if Colossus wasn't there to back up Mr. Pool. She was a meaner Rosie O'Donnell!


This movie came out with a barrel of laughs from the opening credit sequence to the very end of the movie, trust me, stick around for the after credits. This is solid interpretation of Superhero character and a very hilarious movie boot. Definitely the funniest Marvel product movie ever made. It is certainly the most enjoyable superhero movie ever made. This clearly isn't for children, but some of the other superhero based movies are not either. Maybe not R rated, but the content was more geared towards adults. Even though there is a plush unicorn is in the movie doesn't make it safe for children...and maybe even adults. Deadpool is one movie you won't soon forget, and I think Deadpool wouldn't let you anyway. I think he would go door to door pushing girl scouts aside and sell you his spicy chimichangas. He s breaks the fourth wall, potentially changing the future of X-Men movies, maybe all superhero movies for the better.


So, what do think? Is Deadpool the best Superhero movie, ever? Answer wisely or the teddy bear gets it.


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