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Judge Minion

This double Holiday weekend is record breaking. Deadpool holds the record for the biggest R Rated Movie Opening. Crushing the likes of the Matrix Reloaded and 50 Shades of Gray R Rated Openings.

FOX has struggled with Deadpool for years. If it is not mainline X-Men FOX falls flat. Can we say Fan4stic ?? I know still hurts doesn't it?

After years of fans pressure the studio dropped 58 Mil to make the movie. Which is Modest for any superhero joint and add a R Cherry on top of the sundae. A modest budget and modest estimates of 40 - 50 Mil weekend. Well almost 2x that folks.

Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda 3 is #2. On an estimated Budget of 145 Mil. Which 3 weeks out and a total 127 Mil looks to be track to make even money. Not counting advertising. Might be the last one, unless the China Market saves it.

#3 is How to be Single. The biggest contest this weekend between Zoolander 2 and How to be Single. Zoolander 2 blinked and lost the #3 spot. Both movies budgets fall under 50 mil and are on track to make a profit.

This week's winner hands down is Deadpool.


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