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Almost everyone remembers the hit show Full House. The 1990s series features Danny Tanner and, after his wife dies, his move to San Francisco, where he finds support in the form of two new roommates: brother-in-law and party boy Jesse, and his stand-up comic friend, Joey. The duo helps out with raising Tanner's three daughters: D.J, Stephanie and Michelle. The show ended in 1995 after increased costs in production. Another network wanted to pick up the series, but much of the cast decided to move on to bigger projects, leaving Full House behind in its 8th season.

Now in 2016, we are getting the ending we finally deserve - or should I say beginning? Netflix announced and confirmed in April 2015 that they were in the development stage of a spin-off titled Fuller House. The spin-off will feature the entire cast from the original except the Olsen Twins, but recent trailers suggest that they haven't completely forgotten Michelle. In the series, D.J. Tanner-Fuller is a widow and mother of three. When things become too much to handle, she asks for help from her sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy. Along the way, she also receives support from her father, Danny, her Uncle Jesse and his family, including the much older twins, and family friend Joey. Even D.J's ex-boyfriend Scott is back!

So besides all our favorite cast members, here is everything we've learned about Fuller House and all the glorious nostalgia that we can expect from it. Go get your tissues!

D.J Tanner-Fuller is unfortunately like her father.

After three children, a 12-year-old, a 7-year-old, and a newborn, D.J has lost her husband and the father of her children. Things have been tricky for the newly widowed mother, and so just like her father, she finds love and support from family. Her sister Stephanie, who is trying to become a musician, comes to the rescue along with D.J's old friend Kimmy, who is a divorced mother with a teenage daughter.

Stephanie and Kimmy also take after some of the older beloved members.

Just like Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey, Stephanie and Kimmy don't see eye to eye much too often, but they love each other just as much. It is told by Cameron Bure that the unlikely pair will actually be teaming up to help D.J.

"We’re seeing who we are today, as women and as parents, but there’s a great dynamic between Stephanie and Kimmy. They love each other underneath, but they don’t really get along. Kimmy was always the friend that no one wanted who DJ still loved. But now, you’ll see a lot of new dynamics where Kimmy and Stephanie will team up because they need to either set DJ straight or get her to loosen up."

Have mercy! We have catchphrases!

The show will even feature some of the same catchphrases, although no one has dished about which will be included.

Modern Full House

The show may have many similarities that will really bring fans in, but it won't be the same show you remember 20 years ago. It's current and it's modern. It is a whole new kind of world to raise children in, and the show is said to cover many of those obstacles that parents face today. These obstacles will be much different compared to the ones presented in Full House.

D.J may be like her father, but she is definitely her own person.

D.J is also not going to be as O.C.D as her father. She doesn't need everything so pristine like he did, but she is said to still be organized and tidy, and will be somewhat of a list maker.

Most importantly though, the show will still have the same heart.

Bure says,

“I think there’s enough differences with ’Fuller House’ that it is a brand new show but it’s so familiar that fans are just gonna feel so comfortable watching it. They’re just gonna feel at home again.”

The laughs, the tears, and family adventures, everything is still there. We can't wait to see where the show goes. Be sure to tune in February 26th on Netflix for our first look at Fuller House.

Let us know what your excited for in the spin-off!


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