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MCU and DCEU= Life

So, this really isn't a post about theories I have about Spider-Man in Civil War, it's more like "what do you guys think about no Spider-man so far?" Personally, I'm pretty upset. Why is Sony doing this? Why can't they just allow us to see ONE GLIMPSE at Spider-man?! As the fans, what should we do about this? Spam Sony? Write a petition? ANYTHING TO SEE SPIDER-MAN!!!

I cannot wait to see him. I really really hope to see the Iron Spider suit up on the big screen, and I think its so cool to see him as a freshmen in high school, and how he is inspired by the heroes.

It's so beautiful!
It's so beautiful!

I really wish he was on Team Cap (hopefully he switches sides?) but if he says on Team Iron Man that's ok. It really evens the odds between Team Cap and Team Iron Man size wise, and it would be so cool to see him go up against Cap or Ant-Man (battle of the insects!) or maybe even Falcon.

So what do you guys think of no Spider-Man so far? What do you want to see from him in Civil War? Let me know below!


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