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If you've read a Deadpool comic and wanted a live action movie; and was also let down by X-Men Origins Wolverine. This is the movie for you guys and it doesn't disappoint with the 4th wall breaks and humor. He even reference the for mentioned movie plus cracks jokes at the Green Lantern movie. What did they get right in this movie do you ask. Well for one they let it be rated R so it can go where it needed to bring the character full out. The next thing was not to take it's self to seriously and letting Ryan Reynolds play the character.


Did Deadpool meet your expectations?

Ryan gave us the performance only captured in animation and gaming. Which is sad to say. Plus he fit the character perfectly with only one other rival that comes in the form of voice actor Nolan North. Nolan played the character in the Hulk Vs straight to video animated short and in the Deadpool game. He did an amazing job with his comedic timing and amazing performance. Now to the live action this is definitely a step in the right direction to make a franchise out of. Ryan was definitely born to play this role without a doubt. His performance was like Heath Ledger as the Joker. Meaning it'll be a tough act to follow if someone where to take up that role.

T.J Miller gave a performance that wasn't to much and didn't take you out of the film. In most cases this will happen and hurt the movie. He played well with Ryan when in the same scene's and not a scene stealer either. I wasn't sure if he would fit in with the film if Deadpool is a comedic character all his own. T.J proved to me that he fit and that he was the right man for the job.

The thing that stood out in this movie was Colossus and how bulked up he was. Not as lean in the other X-men movies. He looked like he did in the comics which was awesome. An added thing was the voice for the character was also well casted and the lines delivered perfectly. This is the Colossus we've been wanting to see on screen since X2. Let's hope we see more of him in future movies.

Stay after the credits for more Deadpool stuff. In the end this movie meet my expectations and exceeded them. I can't wait for a sequel and hopefully a cameo in other films.

This weekend gross at time of writing is at $132,750,000. Deadpool broke records and expectations.


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