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Nobody wants to be a no one, especially Michael "Eddie" Edwards (Taron Egerton) as he rises to the challenge to claim his moment.

I had the pleasure of seeing the movie screening in Toronto and I honestly could not hold myself back from writing a review the minute I came back home, while it's still fresh in my head. I actually didn't hear about this movie until my friend, KJ Proulx , mentioned it to me. I watched the trailer:

and it turned a long-run British joke into an inspirational phenomenon. However, when making movies, especially a biopic about sports, you know the storyline by heart: they have a go at the game, they push themselves further - hurt themselves along the way, then win the unimaginable. From my last post, you'll know that I am a sucker for feel good movies and this can be added to the list. From the music, actors to the directing, it will make your heart leap and soar and goosebumps will rise all the way down your arms.

First, the music was executed really well, and brings uplifting spirits throughout the whole movie. As seen in the trailer, the song Must Save Jane by Free is a stimulus connecting the heart and mind. With every leap comes a moment of complete silence, as we all hold our breaths to see if he makes the land. It combines both humour and awe, which I think is always a good mix.

Some of you may remember the rising 26-year-old Taron Egerton from Kingsman: The Secret Service, and there really is no reason for us not to love him (here's 16 reasons why). He really empathizes with the athlete, and captures the feel from his facial expressions to his body movement and it translates even better on screen. According to the director, they didn't even put makeup on him, just glasses that forced him to squint (and a fake 'stache). Hence, how Taron could go from this:

to this:

Side by side, Bronson (Hugh Jackman - a.k.a the one and only Wolverine), slips into the warm nature of Eddie and gives in to helping him succeed. Hugh Jackman is an actor who will always be up for anything - even jumping off the 90m hill himself! (Obviously, they couldn't let him do that, but points for his courage!) This made him perfect for the role of the impeccable, yet, audacious ski jumping coach.

Doubtless, sports is always a thrill to watch because you can tell the dedication of the athlete and the anxiety that everyone is anticipating. But to bring back a story from '88 and apply it to the current day and age can sometimes be challenging, however Dexter Fletcher managed to work around the low-budget and found no difficulty in being able to make the story relevant to everyone. If you're looking for depth, this might not be a movie that you're looking for but if you are looking for a crowd-pleaser and good inspirational captions, embrace yourself in this spectacle.

"You’re Eddie the Eagle, man"
"You’re Eddie the Eagle, man"

Hitting theatres in the States/Canada on Feb 26th and in the UK April 1st.


Will you be going to watch Eddie fly?


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