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Honestly, it all depends on how you were brought up. By no means am I saying that 12 years and younger should watch it, but if the child was exposed to similar movies and they know what they are getting themselves into, then by all means. I'm 22 and I was exsposed to so many graphic movies, whether it be, horror, comedy, nudity, gore, you name it I'd seen it all at the age of 7. Now that I'm 22, I can't stand to watch most of them anymore, I cringe at the sight of a gory movie. However, if I think that that gory movie is going to be super awesome, then I'll watch, especially if it's coming from Marvell. Recently, both my little brothers (21 years old and 15) went and saw Deadpool and loved every bit of it. They both hopped in the car and raved about it. My youngest brother included, with a huge grin on his face, loved every bit of it. So as I said before, it all depends on the family. Personally, if I wanted my kids to see this movie (and they were use to such gore and profanity), I'd wait til it came out on bluray/DVD and watch it at home, so that way we can turn it on and off as we please.


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