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Ever wondered how strong Superman is? Well, I can't tell ya, but I can tell you 8 of his greatest feats of Strength! These are just the ones I could think of, so don't get mad if I missed one, and I did.

8: He Broke Batman's Back!

This Isn't that impressive, but not a lot of people can do this. Can YOU, no you can't! Hahahahhha hahahahhha!

7: He ripped Doomsday in Half!

If you know anything about Doomsday, then you know he's one tough nut to crack! This is made more impressive because of the fact that he was immune to being beaten to death! Then Superman Just ripped him apart.

6: He moved earth. Like all of it.

I don't know about you but I threw my back out moving my desk.

5: He lifted 200 quintillion tons!

That's at least one person!

4: Superman bench pressed the weight of the earth for 5 days in a row!

Ha ha! Take that, The Rock!

3: Ge carried an entire Galaxy!

2: He carried Eternity! Somehow.

What's more exciting is what's heavier than Eternity! (No dirty jokes)

1: He Carried Infinity!

Yes infinity is more than eternity because eternity, infinity is time, space and quantity while eternity is infinite time. You disagree with me! I'll kill you!(not really, I won't kill you)


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