ByRob Taylor, writer at
Rob Taylor
as the Government cannot know how to manage powers unless they have them. Their track record is more that they have always tried to weaponise at the first opportunity rather than understand the complex issues around power, responsibility and even the philosophical and existential. Steve Rogers is best placed to not only know that power and responsibility but also the implications and realities of having them. He knows he could be a "god amongst men" but chooses to be no more than the good man he always was. Stark has always played god and run from consequences until now. Devil's advocate is Tony Stark any different to a mass murder who converts to a religion once in prison? In the MCU as written, the government are the WORST people to be in charge of this as they are either war hungry, unable to spot infiltrators or too concerned with the politics of the situatiion. I stand by my assertion Steve Rogers is best placed, though he will never be 100% the right choice to lead in totality.... of the options available he is the only one who has never let the world, himself or more importantly his principles down. Still, a world so messed up makers it seem like someone is pulling the strings... like a certain Mad Titan perhaps?

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