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Deadpool has exceeded box office speculation and doubled what analyst predicted proving a few things. Stay true to the source material and give the fans what they want.

In an interview with German outlet FILMSTARTS, Ryan Reynold describes his thoughts on X-Titled movies.

“I really don’t think this has anything to do with Days of Future Past or its timeline,” replied Reynolds. “If it were Deadpool, he could tell Days of Future Past to take its timeline and go fuck itself. We make fun of the timelines in the movie but no, Deadpool is not affected by that at all. Deadpool I think is just his own thing, his own universe and anytime the other X-Men interact with Deadpool in his universe they do so at their own risk and peril.”

We can only speculate the corporate infighting that Reynolds team will start at Fox Studios regarding the X-Men property. Question is will Fox allow two X-Men timelines? Or will they eliminate Bryan Singer from the equation and officially, officially reboot the X-Men? It's anyones guess but I wouldnt mind a good "Sony style hack" right about now. Since we dont have that, here's a thought on what could happen.

X-men vs Avengers

Let's not forget Spider-Man is still owned by Sony and that Disney/Marvel are under collaborative efforts for the property. In the same interview with FILMSTARTS, Ryan Reynolds also stated he wants to make X-Force a priority. If an X-Force movie is equally as successful as Deadpool, what would stop Fox and Disney to collaborate in the same fashion? One thing the Sony hacks revealed was how much the studios interact. In an email hack with Amy Pascal, former chairperson at Sony Pictures. It showed that Kevin Feige, president of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was not satisfied with the direction Sony was taking with the Spider-Man movies. It makes one wonder how much Fox and Marvel communicate.

Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn commended the Deadpool movie for taking risks and bringing fresh ideas to comic book movies. I could imagine that Kevin Fiege approves of the direction Ryan Reynolds has taken with Deadpool also. Both of them have fought to make comic book movies as true to the source material. In 2012 Marvel Comics released the crossover series "X-Men vs Avengers". If Fox were to allow Ryan Reynolds to move forward with X-Men movies I can see both studios bring this series to the big screen. It could be a huge box office hit and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Phase 3 of the MCU ends in 2019. This can allow the X-men movies some time to world build and not coincide with what's happening in the MCU. Potentially, the 2 worlds can begin to mesh when Phase 4 of the MCU begins in 2020. By then, Marvel would have wrapped up the whopping Infinity Gauntlet series. This makes fans wonder what big story can Marvel tackle next? A few come to mind Secret Wars, X vs A, Siege and more recently Original Sin. Similar to Infinity Gauntlet, and even Civil War these titles brought all the Marvel characters together into one story. As the rights for characters are currently divided between Fox and Marvel, the best guess is for Marvel to tackle the Secret Wars since they can pull it off with or without X-Men. On the other hand who wouldnt want to see 2 huge franchises collide in a series of movies.

X-Men has had a lot of great stories that have either been ruined on screen or never told. The Phoenix Saga series is one of the classics. It was released in the 80's and took 3 years (that's 36 comics) to be fully told. X3 did it in 1 movie and is agreeably the worst of the X-Men movies (next to X-Men Origins: Wolverine 1). Without going into spoilers an element of that story line, "The Phoenix Force" is what drives the X vs A story. To properly do an X vs A collision on screen, the X-men movies would need to be rebooted and The Phoenix Saga would have to be remade.

For fans something like this would reach a fever pitch similar to Star Wars. Based on the patterns of these studios and producers it seems only logical, especially considering the amount of money that can be made. The thought of it is staggering. Now that Deadpool is the success that it is, Hollywood, I believe (or hope) has finally figured out, market comic movies to comic book fans first and let the general audience follow. Not vice versa. When fans approve, the unknowing audience becomes curious. When the fans approve it spreads word of mouth. This is how Tony Stark became a household name and Johnny Blaze didn't.


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