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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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If you've been waiting a bloody eternity for Rob Zombie's 31, this interview with Rob and Sheri Moon Zombie from TwitchFilm might help! Rob and Sheri talk about the filming process for 31 - sadly, this is the only teaser trailer we have for the movie.

Here's Rob on being inspired by the spookfests that he visited - and sometimes actually worked in - as a kid:

People were running ... Sometimes in those haunted houses, people run. It's not real people, but they are screaming and running - guys with chainsaws, whipping them around dressed as clowns. I just filed it into the back of my brain, 'That works.'

These guys are the much more glamorous version of what it actually was. They wouldn't have any teeth if we are realistic.

I pull from the types of fucking weirdos and things that I've experienced in my life.

Sheri Moon Zombie talked about filming 31... and it sounds crazy!:

It was really brutal. We shot it in 20 nights. The locations were really dark and dank, and smelly. There was cat piss smell.
It all contributed, so in the end it worked out. I loved working with all the actors that I worked with. The crew were all just like a big family. I had just quit smoking, so that added to my misery. I really loved it, and I loved Charlie, and I loved the characters. Actually at the end of the movie, tears would come to my eyes when that super eight footage pulled up. Just thinking about it now, I am a little upset because we all love each other so much, and I was talking to Kevin after the premier last night briefly and he was teary eyed too.
It's such a testament to how well Rob writes characters and how the actors all feel about Rob. He's really an actor's director. We all wanted to do the best we can for him to make his world come alive. You know?

On feeling empathy for his characters, even when they're terrible people who do awful things:

If you get inside anyone's head enough, you see something. I would get that sometimes from reading books about serial killers, and you'd see that their lives were so fucked up. This kid, the only job he was qualified for was a serial killer. He was so fucked up, his life. I sort of feel an odd sympathy at times because they just... At some point that was just a baby before someone fucked that person up so much, that they started burying bodies in the basement.

All my characters are 'fuck the system' characters.

What are you looking forward to most about Rob Zombie's 31?

Source: Twitch Film, Youtube


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