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We all remember Mark 'The Undertaker' Calaway right? That Marilyn Manson with dyspraxia eyeliner, the badass (with the approx. 5mph top speed motorcycle) and that epic Tombstone Piledriver, but what the hell is he up to these days?

First, let's have a little walk down memory lane at the goth turned biker turned leathery cowboy (?) realness that The Undertaker has rocked throughout the years.

The Master of Pain (1989)

Remember when The Undertaker hit the ring as 'The Master of Pain' back in 1989? Nope, neither do I, but you learn something new everyday.

The 'Western Mortician' Era (1990-1994)

Calaway made his WWF debut in 1990 as 'Kane the Undertaker' and his bizarre cowboy meets funeral director look didn't get in the way of making him the youngest WWF Champion in 1991.

Survivor (1995)

The survivor series saw Calaway returning in this fetching Phantom of the Opera goes metal mask thanks to an injured orbital bone near his eye.

The Lord of Darkness (1997)

The gothic, brash rebel that most of us remember most fondly brang his best leather jerkin game during the 'Attitude' era in 1997.

Ministry of Darkness (1999)

I'll let the image above speak for itself about possibly the most theatrical look of The Undertaker's career.

American Badass (2000-2003)

What he lacked in speed, he made up for in style...

While this was far from the end of The Undertaker's highly decorated career, he basically just cycled through past looks from this moment on, but what exactly does Mark William Calaway look like now?

We just need to direct our attention to his wife, former WWE fighter Michelle McCool’s Instagram for the answers. As you might expect from a man who can still deadlift over 400lbs at 50 YEARS OLD, he's looking pretty damed good.

Check out the snap of his gym carved physique while he is hanging out in his civilian attire below to see what I mean.

And he's still rocking his black as the night signature style on the daily:

Rock on big man!

What was your favorite Undertaker moment? Share your snaps and videos below!

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