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Well, I think they absolutely should introduce new moves and techniques!
Specially, Goku and Vegeta must get some super special moves. In matter of fact, I think the biggest lacking of super till now was that they went through 2 arcs and didn’t introduce any major new moves till now!

We got a bunch of new characters, we got new stories, we got epic transformations like Super saiyan god super saiyan but we didn’t get mind-blowing moves flowing along with the other awesome things that are going around.

I mean Goku and Vegeta fuckin' turned into Gods. The transformation is called Super saiyan god super saiyan; shouldn’t they also get powers that justify the weight of the name. Some god type moves. Goku loves developing techniques. He came back from King Kai’s training with an amazing set of attacks and techniques. The kaio-ken, the spirit bomb and overall his entire fighting style changed. Compared to those moments the god form Goku has not really gained the expected amount of development. The first time he turned into a Super Saiyan God it was evident that he wouldn’t be having any new moves since he was absolutely new to the form. But, then he and Vegeta trained under Whis and Beerus and went beyond the super saiyan god form. Achieved a new form know by the name Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan Blue. Still during their encounter with Golden Frieza we didn’t see any deadly new moves. Moves that could’ve astonished us!

Super Kaio-Ken
Super Kaio-Ken

I don’t know what type of techniques or attacks they shall introduce. Akira Toriyama and his creative team would analyze and could come up with the best certainly. We could see modified version of older moves. Like, the spirit bomb takes a lot of time to form. They could make it swifter. Again spirit bomb can gain energy from the nature and living being willing to co-ordinate. They could make something like it can absorb energy from everything even if they are not willing to co-operate. Or it could get energy which was previously inaccessible you know like god level sense type of stuff. Not now but with the progress of the series and when it comes towards the end and they want to wrap things up for a while. I want them to give Goku some really crazy moves. Goku learnt Kamehameha from Master Roshi. Now, we saw Whis can reverse time and that’s only what we have seen till now. You never know how many more stuffs Whis will come up with. And this time reversing thing is something Goku and Vegeta or at-least one of them should acquire. That ability is so badass. I don’t even know how they are going to represent maybe it’s something the saiyans can’t learn even if they want to. But, if Goku or Vegeta do end up learning to control time it will be a big deal in the world of fiction. You know Goku is constantly compared with strong characters of other anime and other animation universes. Obviously Goku is the standard of strength in the fictional world. So, people from other fandom’s compare their favorites with Goku and try to show them as stronger. Now, if Goku gets time reversing ability it will make him invincible on dead battle situations.

However, Dragon Ball is now a big thing. They consider everything; they do a lot of analysis and then decide what type move will be the best for a certain character. For example, they won’t give Vegeta a move that contradicts his character even if it has the potential to gain fan popularity and looks cool. So, I am not going to give technique, attacks and move advises I’ll leave that to the team I just want them to introduce. But, I personally they think they should give Vegeta some really aggressive and brutal moves. Vegeta these days doesn’t even use the variety of attacks he can. He just goes with normal combat and energy blasts. His move should be brutal and deadly and also fearful.

Till now we could explain it as their training with Whis was at primarily level maybe they didn’t yet reach the part where they get to learn new stuffs. But, now on Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 8, we know the tournament already started. And Goku-Vegeta did special training for the tournament with Whis and then also they trained on the hyperbolic time chamber for 3 years. Yes, 3 years!

And 3 years means a big big deal. At this point, I certainly think they shall introduce new techniques from Goku and Vegeta’s side. And as the series progress other fighters like Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, Krillen and others shall also gain new moves. It will give us the feel that we entered in a new era from Z to Super. Everything is new and unique here. Besides, as we got universe 6 now we will obviously get too see a hell lot of new moves from all the amazing characters they have introduced. So, I am hoping it will be very refreshing.

Guys what do you think? Do you really want some new techniques and attacks?

If yes then comment bellow and let us know your opinion.



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