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If you went to see Deadpool on its opening weekend, why not crank the superhero hysteria up a notch by getting your hands on perhaps some of the best merchandise ever?

An underwear brand recently contacted Ryan Reynolds wishing him a "Happy Deadpool Day" and while offering him up a delicious stack of steaming pancakes via Twitter, they also showcased a new addition to their adult-sized line:

Yep, for a mere $25 it appears that you can now celebrate the movie's status as the highest grossing film of 2016 so far by squeezing yourself into a red-and-black t-shirt and equally dashing underpants. All complete with the Deadpool logo of course.

Unofficially, the 100% cotton and soft stretch fabric 'Marvel Deadpool Underoos Set' will grant you permission to mouth off at any authority figures that cross your path, as well as giving you the confidence to successfully break through the fourth wall. Wearing this strapping number, you can also go forth and aggressively drop a curse word into every other sentence and take comfort from the fact that when you also get shot in the butt, at least your buns will be looking pert AF when it happens.

And the best part about this new Underoo offering is that you can parade around in your new underpants all within the comfort of your own home. How great is that!?

Finally, it appears that the superhero Gods have spoken to us and given us what we've been waiting for!

And who knows, depending on popularity, maybe the studios might take note and we'll get Deadpool in 'Deadpool Underoos' in the sequel. I'd watch it.

Would you wriggle into a pair of 'Deadpool Underoos?'



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