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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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After the explosive start to The Walking Dead Season 6.5, how can the show top episode 9, 'No Way Out'?

Check out the promo and sneak peek for episode 10, 'The Next World,' and find out!


Spencer has to use his knife skills again

After the Alexandrians helped Rick and co. clear the town of walkers, hopefully Spencer et al. will be more confident in their ability to use weapons (but not overly confident — that didn't go well for Aiden!)

Daryl jumps out of a moving truck

Truck jumps when you've been super badly injured by a truck before? Yeah, Norman Reedus is a badass, what do you expect?

'Back up, NOW!'

Rick and Daryl run into *someone* while on their mission. Still, this tense reception doesn't mean they're an enemy; Daryl and Rick are rightly distrustful of people they meet, even if they turn out to be allies. Maybe they meet one of the Saviors on the road?


This image from 'The Next World' was shared by Today News Show, which could suggest that it's one of the Wolves Daryl is telling to BACK OFF. I'm only guessing because the Wolves are fans of scrawling messages... alternatively, it could be the Saviors boasting that they'll kill Daryl, Sasha ,and Abraham after what they did to their crew. What do you think this message means?


This clip from The Walking Dead Season 6.5 episode 10, 'The Next World' tells us why Daryl and Rick are driving around in the promo: they're off to replenish Alexandria's supplies.

As Eugene opens the gate, he gives them advice about what to look for, including his love of the grain sorghum — which is generally more familiar to people from the American South — based on its nutritional complexity. Here's a nice, soothing picture of Eugene's beloved mullet and some tasty, freshly harvested sorghum.

Did you spot anything in 'The Next World' promo or sneak peek that others wouldn't have noticed? What do you want to see happen in The Walking Dead Season 6.5 episode 10, 'The Next Word'?

What do YOU want to see happen in the next episode?

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