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Lady Gaga caused a sensation last night when she attended the Grammys with the noble aim of paying homage to Bowie. A sensation of the wrong kind.

Swathed in an electric blue coat decorated with silver swirls, offset with a tangerine hairdo and fiery shoes, she struck quite a figure.

Unfortunately for her, the Internet did what it does best by comparing to here to an array of strange blue things:

Ms. Frizzle in 'The Magic School Bus'



Woody Woodpecker

Here are some other things:

A child in wizard kit

Papa Smurf


The ridicule seems worth it however, as a necessary sacrifice for a visually incredible performance (after a costume change) singing 10 golden songs from Bowie's best.

Watch her psychedelic performance here, as "it's time to leave the capsule if you daaare":

What do you think Lady Gaga looked like? Comment below!

Source: The Mirror


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