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If you enjoyed watching Angelina Jolie as a secret agent switching sides (and hair colors), you'll be happy to hear that Sony Pictures Entertainment is pitching a TV show based on Salt on the European Film Market.

The 2010 movie starred Jolie as a Russian agent working undercover for the CIA, who is liberated from North Korea by the United States only to go on a mission to assassinate the US president. It's quite the rollercoaster.

The new show won't tell you much about what happens later in the story, though, as it's supposed to be mostly be a remake of the American/Russian spy's adventures. Even if Angelina Jolie won't be there to bless us with her exceptional performance from the movie, an undercover agent kind of story promises a compelling show. It's a format that should also allow for a more detailed exploration of just how complex the character of a secret agent can be.

Direct by Phillip Noyce, Salt was only beaten by Inception on its opening weekend and grossed almost $300 million worldwide. Unfortunately, Salt 2 never saw the light. But if this new series is a success, it could even move on to US TV! Evelyn's back, for real.

Are you excited for the return of Evelyn Salt? Who would you imagine playing her on TV?


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