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Karaoke is all fun and games until you realize that you're probably not sounding as amazing as you do in the shower. But a lip sync battle? Guys, you can pretend you're the best performer in town without letting your awful singing skills distract the audience from your expressive face and your killer dance moves.

So there was little else we needed on Youtube other than a whole series of intense lip sync battles between celebrities. And there's something for every taste: if you like them sober, go on watch Jimmy Fallon; if you're more into extravagant costumes, wigs and glitter, you've got a dedicated show on Spike.

Because every battle needs a winner, we decided to pick our top 5 lip sync battles of all time (if you're at work, it's time for some discreet office-chair booty-wiggling).

5. Nina Dobrev

You can almost imagine Nina Dobrev with this voice, but the memorable part of this bit (apart from her dream boots) is that sexy dance with quarterback Tim Tebow, who all of a sudden doesn't quite know where to look.

4. Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd just killed it with Tina Turner and Queen. His hip swinging will bring back Clueless-era butterflies in your stomach (Paul, if you read this, please share your secret for eternal youth.)

3. Anne Hathaway

What is dedication if not swinging on a wrecking ball in your underwear on live TV? Anne Hathaway went full Miley in her rendition of 'Wrecking Ball', white nails and red Docs included.

2. Channing (and Jenna) Tatum

Where do we start? The wig? The fake boobs costume? The spot-on choreography? Or the fact that Beyoncé herself showed up on stage? Channing's rendition of 'Run the World (Girls)' was pretty on point, and Jenna's reaction just does it.

Because we can't get enough of the Tatum couple, here's a bonus:

1. Emma Stone

The incontestable winner of every lip sync battle ever - and there's little discussing more than 67 million views - is Emma Stone on The Tonight Show. It's hard to decide which of her songs was the best between 'Hook' and 'All I Do Is Win', but that last title is just the perfect description for her performance.

What's your favorite lip sync battle of all time?


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