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Now, good cosplay is an inherently impressive thing. Whether pieced together from scrap materials from your parents' backyard/sewing room/costume workshop, pain-stakingly developed with a friend or partner, or bought from a specialist supplier, there tends to be a whole lot to love about cosplay.

If you want to be really impressive, though, one of the fastest routes to cosplaying immortality is to achieve the same effect as a complex costume with nothing more than some body paint, a little ingenuity, and a whole lot of talent.

Which, it just so happens, is what intrepid cosplayer Kay Pike did recently, when she proved that...

Deadpool Cosplay Is Even Cooler When It's Body Paint

Yup, that's right.

That's not a drawing. That's a real goddamned person, as you can see from the insta-video below...

The best part, though?

Kay Filmed the Creation of That Epic Cosplay

And you can watch the whole epic process - in time lapse form - in the video above, thanks to Kay having performed the whole operation live over on recently.

Which, needless to say, turned out pretty darned fantastically - not least because Ms Pike clearly has Deadpool's trademark blend of snark and bad-assery down...

Nicely played, Ms Pike. Nicely played indeed...

What do you reckon, though?


Just how impressive is that cosplay, huh?

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