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Once again the internet has been sent into a speculatory tailspin, as the ever-tantalizing Hideo Kojima continues to tease a return to his Silent Hills project. Gamers will likely remember their scarring experience with P.T. (short for 'Playable Teaser'), a demo for the horror franchise's aborted reboot. In it, a traumatizing apparition named Lisa did this to anyone brave enough to pick up a controller:

Due to star The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus, Silent Hills was shaping up to be a mighty promising nightmare-inducer, right up to the point it was canceled.

But fear not -- or perhaps do fear -- because neither Kojima nor Reedus appear to have left the horrific idea behind, hooking up this week to talk business:

When you put these two guys in the same room you have to expect it's going to elicit a reaction, and a reaction it got:

Since the rights to the Silent Hill property are wrapped up with Hideo's previous employer Konami, it's not likely we'll see the project resurrected. However, that doesn't stop him from exploring the same creative avenues with a fresh IP at his own newly opened studio.

Kojima Productions
Kojima Productions

Further fuelling horror fans' hopes is the news that the legendary game developer is back in cahoots with auspicious collaborator Guillermo del Toro, joining forces once again for a talk at the DICE (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) Summit that kicks off this week.

In a session titled “A Conversation with Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro,” the twosome will discuss their artistic processes and perhaps drop some hints regarding any future interactive projects. At least, we can hope.

The DICE website offers the following description:

These master storytellers will offer insight into their creative vision and the driving forces behind their artistic pursuits. Moderated by longtime video game host and producer Geoff Keighley, this conversation will revisit some of their fondest memories from their own individual careers as well as some of the pivotal moments from each other’s work that remain a constant source of inspiration.

That talk takes place this Thursday, February 18.

I'm starting to feel a bit like one of Metal Gear Solid's paranoid conspiracy theorists, but the timing of this threesome's meetings can't be mere coincidence. When is Silent Hills coming out and who are the Patriots?

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