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I'm sure that all of us have an old PC or laptop lying around gathering dust at this very minute, either because you've upgraded to a smoother, more shiny edition or it's simply a piece of crap.

Well if you're a gamer with this exact issue, you're gonna want to pay attention to a new Linux based operating system that promises to turn your dusty piece of kit into a retro games console of infinitely badass proportions.

Called Lakka, the lightweight Linux-based OS combines all of the best retro games emulators into one, super-simple-to-use system that, in theory, once is working will give you access to the full back catalogs of the most iconic consoles ever dreamt up.

Consoles like:



and, not forgetting

PlayStation name but a literal few. How exciting is this?

Here's a video that goes into more detail about the lovely little Lakka:

No Jargon Required

Upon first interacting with Lakka's clean user interface (UI), you'll see that it is very reminiscent of Sony's XrossMediaBar or XMB for short, the UI found on the PS3, and how all options, consoles and such are all grouped into helpful vertically scrolling categories.

Any wired controller with a home button works with Lakka, so that means you'll be able to pop in a DualShock 3/4 or an X360 or X1 controller and be away within seconds. Also, pressing the home button on said controllers will take you back to the dashboard for settings tweaks on the fly, just like the current gen of consoles!

Now if you're not familiar with Linux, using it can be outrageously daunting for the first timer. Luckily enough, Lakka doesn't require you to have a Master's degree in software engineering to use. It's really simple to install and get running, and here's a link to a pretty thorough how-to.

Lakka is also perfectly manageable with other systems too, just in case you don't have Windows or Mac specific tech lying around. Meaning you can even branch out into building your own Steam Machine-lite with Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi or HummingBoard.

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

Infinitely malleable, this totally free open source software's only cost will be say a keyboard & mouse, monitor (if you're not installing on laptop), and/or a wired controller.

Oh, Lakka, you sweet bundle of code you! Now I can finally live out my dream of having my own coffee table arcade machine in my living room!

Now comes in legit!
Now comes in legit!

Life doesn't get any better!


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