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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

If you've never heard of the Internet Archive you better hurry up get digging through their digital crates, because the site has and is steadily collating a literally awe-inspiring collection of articles, art, music and live-performances to hopefully be stored forever within the confines of the world's servers.

But why I'm choosing to talk about this non-profit organization is, despite having the upmost respect for what they do, they have also cataloged over 1000 games from the innocent days of Windows 3.1. And guess what? They're all totally playable in your browser!

Yes, so gone are the dead eyed moments stuck staring through your work monitor with a crusty sandwich dangling out of your mouth, now you can enjoy a spot of Missile Attack or SimEarth while enjoying your lunchtime meal of wheat and pastrami.

And, for some reason, Monopoly Deluxe is the site's big hitter. So yay for all fans of capitalism.

Wheel of Fortune tho
Wheel of Fortune tho

Particular highlights of the Internet Archive's collection are:


Block Breaker


Prairie Dog Hunt 2 – Judgement Day


The only question remains:

What will you play first?


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