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HBO is all set to go big and compete Netflix while copying its strategies.

Ever since Netflix Inc. made its debut in the industry and offered online video content services to viewers in 2008, it ignited a new rivalry with the biggest TV network ‘HBO’. At that time, the streaming giant aspired to become HBO and wanted to be like the premium cable and satellite television network. If people talk about Netflix vs. HBO now, the former is the clear winner and easily leads the market.

The company initially started as a provider of video content by getting legal rights of online movies and TV shows but it then decided to go big and work on original programing to surpass HBO in this domain as well. It is known that, as of now, it does not have a show of its own as big as HBO’s Game of Thrones but regardless, it has come up with numerous shows that proved to be a hit over the past year. The pioneer in the streaming industry has been trying to surpass the rival for a very long time, which justifies its plan to work on original content.

Netflix, since its inception, has been a ‘cord cutter’ and sidelined numerous domestic and international traditional or internet TV businesses. Several analysts and top executives of satellite television network have said that the businesses should work together in order to get rid of the cord cutters.

It seems like HBO is now determined to challenge Netflix by becoming more like Netflix. The premium cable company has plans to copy some pages of its rival’s playbook in the coming months to compete against the streaming service provider in the near future.

HBO is still one of the leading companies in the traditional business as plenty of viewers pay for access through their cable bundles. When it comes to its standalone streaming service, it is failing miserably. HBO Now charges $15 for one month to provide content to its streaming subscribers but is nowhere near what Netflix currently is in the market.

According to sources, HBO Now only has 800,000 subscribers while the Los Gatos based firm topped 75 million paid subscribers last month. The comparison could be unfair as the former is a new service but such performance is not making the company officials happy regardless.

However, BGR reported that the board of directors came up with an exceptional option, which might result in closing the gap in near future. HBO announced it in Time Warner fourth quarter earnings call as reported by Business Insider.

According to the CEO of HBO, Richard Plepler, it is believed “Just like Netflix, HBO wants to make more original content to launch in more international markets and to also become ecosystem agnostic.”

In addition, the company wants it service to be accessible anywhere and not just be limited to watching on TV. Mr. Plepler continued that the streaming should be available on laptops, smart TVs, smartphones, and other electronic gadgets as well that may support the feature.


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