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Agents of Shield Fan Fiction

"Return Tripp" pt. 1

(they open the door and step into his office. he greets them with a sad smile and then he nods towards the chairs in front of his desk. he stood until they got to the chairs and then sat when they did. his voice was soft and pleading.)

"I know, you both have been through allot. I've asked you to do the don't disappoint. What I'm about to ask of impossible, yet, my gut tells me, we have to try. I want you to bring back Tripp."

(Fitz and Simmons turned to each other, completely thunderstruck. they turned back to face Coulson and the look in his eyes was all too familiar. he was serious.)

"Sir,...we...miss him, too...but all that was left of him were fragments..."

"....fragments of a husk. Even if we could, somehow, re-construct the would be a hollow shell...."

"....with nothing left even bring back."

(Coulson said nothing, got up and walked over to shut and lock his office door. He walked slowly over to the window and laid his thumb on the sill. to his left, on the wall...a small drawer slid open. He reached inside and pulled out a glass tube with a square base, about a foot long, half filled with a dark green goo...and sat it on the desk in front of them. pursing his lips, he took a short breath, sat back down and said...)

"You are both right. All that was left of Trip was a hollowed out, fragmented husk. Similar to Andrew, Joey,'s what's bothering me. According to Fury's tool box, anyone who touched the diviner...have turned to solid stone. My...hand, is solid stone. Tripp...left a husk. I had a private team analyze what was left of Tripp...and they found this inside of it. Initially they thought it was just blood...until it tried to get away. They were able contain it and extract a sample from it, did some test and found DNA markers that..."

"...matched Tripps... Sir...are you saying that what is in this container is actually...."

(Simmons was cut off when the dark, greenish fluid in the jar began swirling violently, vibrating the container but not toppling it. while they stared at it, Coulson stared at them and said...)

"You tell me."


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