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Renewing the feeling

One of the best things about the prequels(one of the few things might I add) is that we knew what would eventually happen. We knew Anakin would turn to the dark side. We wanted to see how, and I truly believe that feeling can be renewed with a Revan-focused knights of the old republic saga. I'd base it off of the light side ending where you marry Bastila. Just like the first 6 Lucas movies, we start off in the 4,5,6 order.

Episode 4: The Search Begins

This first film would basically be the events of You landing on Taris with Carth to the Renewal of Juhani. Keep in mind this is just an outline. I don't have a script or event order yet!

Episode 5: The growing calamity

The next films would be based on the groups journey to Manaan, Kashyyyk, Tattooine, and Korriban in that specific order. Just for audience attraction I'd have Manaan destroyed by Malaks ship in an event to intercept the Ebon Hawk. The film would include the encounter with malak, the mysterious planet, and finally the encounter with a new dark side bastila.

Episode 6: The Prodigal Knight

This film relatively would be action based, I'd add some scenes where they(ebon Hawk crew) are still fixing the ship. I'd make these scenes more dialogue based, help flesh out the mind and emotions of reva . I'd prefer him to be a quieter Jedi in this saga. Not saying why, but doing acts of good regardless. Of course the main part of the movie would be the discussion of the battle plan of the fleet, the space battle (more emphasis!), and of course Bastilas renewal and the final confrontation with Malak. The last part of the movie would show Revan and Bastilas marriage. One thing I'be always wanted to do was have a scene of Vandar talking to Revan. "acknowledge we will, accept we will not. (Sound good?)"


Now that we know what happen . We wanna see the origins. I don't know as much as others , so forgive the generalness of this. It be basically the mandalorian wars and the fall of revan and malak.

Tell me what you think! I'd love some feedback.


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