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It's always fun to dream about seeing characters cross over with others. We've seen films before that have mixed characters from different films in glorious ways, including King Kong vs Godzilla, Alien vs Predator and Freddy vs Jason. However there are some it seems will never occur, and while this is sad, it is still really fun to imagine what we could see if they did!

1. The Expendables and Alien vs Predator!

I thought of this one and felt a single tear fall thinking about how unbelievably good it would be. Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to the Expendables and tells them that he wasn't always the man he currently is. His identity was changed after an event of which he was one of only two survivors. The events of the film Predator. He updates them on the events that have occurred since, including AvP and AvP requiem, and even Predators. Then the Expendables are sent on a mission after aliens and predators, who are already fighting each other! How cool would it be to see a Predator hunting Chuck Norris, only to totally lose him and get its head karate kicked off from behind?

2. Marvel and DC!

Yeah let's get one of the basic ones out of the way, but here's how I'd like to see it happen! The Flash is jumping through time, as he does, and jumps into the Marvel universe. Panicking at all the differences he sees, he accidentally causes a rampage and is caught eventually by the Avengers. Then he is put in a jail cell that can hold him while they decide what to do with him. Superman and Martian Manhunter realise what happened and bring the rest of the Justice League through with them, while at the same time Tony Stark leads an expedition into the DC world. The teen titans and DC villains take on Tony's team in DC world while the Justice League runs rampant in Marvel world. Honestly you could do an entire phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on personal battles between these universes. One on Iron Man vs Batman, one on Captain America vs Wonder Woman, one on Hulk vs Superman, there are just loads of great battles in there. Imagine Green Arrow vs Hawkeye!!

3. Spider-Man and Deadpool!

I mean in the comics they are just so good together. They're both hilarious characters, and when you put them together it makes something beautiful! Spidey and Deadpool could just meet on the streets of New York, and Deadpool would start trying to kill guys while Spidey shoots webs to block him constantly. Then Deadpool would go after Spidey in the most comical chase scene of all time, ending with Lizard or someone bursting out at them, at which point they team up. It could just be the most hilarious film since... well... Deadpool I guess.

4. Despicable Me and Big Hero 6!

Here's one that everyone can enjoy. Imagine seeing a Minion poking at Baymax! Or Gru's three girls getting turned into superheroes! How incredible would that be! Gru could easily do something with a crazy experiment which sends him, the girls, and a few minions into an alternate dimension, where they crash land in San Fransokyo, and are greeted by the six heroes flying in to see what crashed. Thus ensues the ultimate kids film!

5. Back to the Future and Terminator!

No, it isn't just because they all time travel. Though that really does make it a lot easier. Imagine Marty McFly is now living in our time, and Doc turns up to tell him that someone has been chasing him through time! A terminator turns up to try and take Doc out, because he invented time travel, and without time travel John Connor and the resistance have no chance of stopping them in the future! The resistance sends back a terminator (big Arnold of course) to help save them! How much better would this have been than Terminator: Genisys?

6. Anchorman and The Wolf of Wall Street!

Living at the height of his power, imagine Jordan Belfort forgot about a part of his story? A really, really crazy part! He was going onto the news to talk about his company, where he met Ron Burgundy and his news crew, also at the height of their careers. Jordan has a great time with them and invites them back to his office to hang out. Seeing the crazy life, Ron and the team invest in Belfort's company, and when he screws them out of money, they get thrown out of the news and all become homeless. Figuring out that Belfort is the only man powerful enough to get them their jobs back, they go to his office, weapons ready, and Belfort has his own team ready, and that's when about thirty other teams turn up from various news channels and rival companies of Belfort's. Belfort and Burgundy team up to survive against the onslaught, which would be about as crazy as any of the office scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street, and eventually Belfort gets them their jobs back.

7. Harry Potter and A Nightmare on Elm Street!

How good would this be!? There are so many things that could cross over with Harry Potter, but these guys can point a piece of wood at you and kill you, so you need some serious villain to trouble them. But Freddy Krueger is already magical or something, so imagine the professors and students at Hogwarts trying to combat him in the dream world? I'm sure there's a whole thing about the dream world and how it is magical in Harry Potter so it could be so awesome!

8. Lord of the Rings and 300!

This could have some incredible fight scenes for sure! No idea how they would meet, but magic exists in middle earth so there is always a way. Anyway, imagine King Leonidas being around (somehow?) and taking an army of three hundred spartans to guard a breach into their world that Sauron created (because he is alive somehow as well?) and the spartans have to hold the breach while Gandalf musters the armies of Gondor and Rohan to stop Sauron's forces breaching another world. Just so cool, and seeing Leonidas and Aragorn fighting back to back would be amazing as well!

9. Transformers and Mad Max!

Just because I'm pretty sure Michael Bay would have wept a tear seeing the amazing explosions in Mad Max: Fury Road. But seriously, how cool would it be to see a warlord sending his entire army of vehicles after a group of autobots that crash landed on this planet? Simple awesome. And you could even bring in other transformers that have been on this planet for years and are all pimped out like all the vehicles in the world of Mad Max! Imagine the chase scenes you could have... wow.

10. Paranormal Activity and Stepbrothers!

I legitimately think that if this happened, it would be the best comedy ever to exist. Think about those two sleeping in the same bed (because I'm sure they probably do) and weird things start happening around the house? They would freak out in the most hilarious ways, and then they would figure out at the end that they had actually just gotten high and imagined it all.

11. Mission Impossible and Kingsman!

Because yes! James Bond was always meant to be alone, Jack Bauer is just too cool alone. But these two would go together brilliantly! Eggsy could travel to the US to meet with new funders for the Kingsman program, when a huge terrorist attack kills Merlin and draws the attention of the IMF. Ethan Hunt and his team start searching for those responsible, and runs into Eggsy who is out for revenge. Thus ensues some incredible chase scenes, great fights, and epic banter between the very different spies!

That's all folks, if you have any amazing crossover ideas like these then I would love to hear about them in the comments!


Which crossover film do you want to see the most?


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