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What Sansa Stark has been through since her father's death has been nothing short of torture. Unfortunately, from the looks of this image below, this horror may be far from over. Now this may seem harsh, but I have personally been through this. This will show the reality of rape culture. In the times that the series is based in, there was no Plan B or no safe way without a maester. There are so many reasons to go in this direction.

It shows all the effects that a rape has on a woman. It's no joking matter if this is actually going to happen. This will show how strong women are and how much we can overcome. Sansa is a strong young lady and is capable of so much.

It could also show how amazing the bond between mother and child can be. Maybe she will keep the child thinking it didn't have a choice in how it was made. Despite how the baby came to be, she can still love it. It'll be her only family with her and it will love her unconditionally.

I hope this will show people how horrible rape culture can be. It'll show how strong Sansa is no matter what happens to the child. We'll just have to wait and see. Most will agree on one thing, April 24th can't come soon enough.


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