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Time to make the chimi-friggin'-changas!
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Before Steve Rogers was Captain America:

He was just another kid from New York getting his butt kicked in an alley:

This also goes for Spider-Man:

Who was a science-nerd at school named Peter Parker:

While this may be true for some, it doesn't really apply to Iron Man who was both a badass before and after:

Anyway, let's get on with the article:

Hugh Jackman – Wolverine

Wow, huh? I mean, just look at him. The Jackman we've seen as Wolverine looks nothing like the his younger-self. He's not so scary without his adamantium, now, is he? Ha!

Krysten Ritter – Jessica Jones


I know what you're thinking:

Holy S--t!
Holy S--t!

Ritter has really changed....and I mean REALLY.....Just look at her, HOW?! But, now that I think about, I can't decide what's more cooler; her glasses or her super-strength?

Okay...I May Have Been Wrong About Robert Downey Jr.-Iron Man


Mind blown.....
Mind blown.....

To be fair, this isn't just a picture someone found on the internet, Downey jr. posted this picture himself claiming it was taken during the:

"Great hair gel shortage of '93..."

Makes sense....

Jeremy Renner – Hawkeye

Yeah....I don't know how to explain this. I've got no words. Well.....maybe a few....I guess purple's always been his favorite color (Ha! Get it?).

Stephen Amell – The Green Arrow

Wow....just wow. Uhm....I guess Lian Yu really (REALLY!) changed him. By the way, cool braces, Ollie or should I say Stephen ( Haha)...(I've seriously run out of funny material).


Who do you think changed the most?

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