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Karly Rayner

Alec Baldwin went full Alec Baldwin at his most deserving target yet when he called Harvey Levin, the founder of TMZ, a "festering anal wart" in an explosive interview.

The controversial star — who hates TMZ with quite so much venom because they published the voicemail of him calling his then 12-year-old daughter Ireland “a rude thoughtless little pig” — told The New Yorker that:

“There was a time when my greatest wish was to stab Harvey Levin with a rusty implement and watch his entrails go running down my forearm, in some Macbethian stance. I wanted him to die in my arms, while looking into my eyes, and I wanted to say to him, ‘Oh, Harvey, you thoughtless little pig.’ He is a festering boil on the anus of American media.”

It's good to know that Baldwin's prowess when it comes to damningly insulting wordplay hasn't eroded with age, and even more reassuring that he has chosen a more appropriate target this time. I guess that's progress!

Who do you hate more, Baldwin or Levin?

(Source: The New Yorker)


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