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Being a hero requires understanding what heroism means.

I saw Deadpool the other night, and it was expectedly awesome in its own right, but also hilariously messed with a major plot logic flaw of X-Men Days of Future Past. Minor spoilers ahead.

In DOFP, the plot logic flaw is that Logan is told that because he is sent back in time to change the past, he will be the only one who will remember the timeline which has been changed. That's all fine and dandy, but what about Bishop and Kitty Pryde and the rest of the younger X-Men who all know about 1. Kitty's power and 2. The timeline which was changed before? Are we to believe that each and every time Bishop's consciousness is sent back, he explains to Kitty and everyone else that she has this power and then, that he's been doing this for months or years and then, he explains what happened in the alternative future? And they all just believe him? That's a pretty big matzo ball to swallow. After all, it didn't work out so well for Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Then, we are expected to believe that the only person who knows about the previous timeline is Wolverine- Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters' least patient history teacher.

Here's where logic rears its ugly head. Wouldn't Professor X and Jean Grey (and Apocalypse for that matter) all be able to read Logan's mind and completely know about the alternate post 1973 timeline? And while we are on that subject, where the hell did Logan's new 1973 through the present day of the alternative future consciousness go? Why can't he remember that? I mean really, he didn't know he was now a history professor or whatever else Mystique did with him while impersonating Stryker? And for that matter, Logan forgot Jean is alive? Let's suspend our disbelief and accept that Logan just realized Jean is alive. Wouldn't Jean's alter ego, the Phoenix, defensively manifest herself as soon as Logan regained consciousness of the old post 1973 world, and be really, really, 'obliterate-him-into-a-million-pieces', angry with Logan, knowing that he killed her in the old post 1973 timeline? But I digress.

Then, here comes Deadpool, breaking the 4th wall, because Deadpool. He completely knows about the altered timeline, openly talks about how confusing it is and the X-Men movies themselves. In this regard, he upturns the flawed plot logic and dispels it. Good. It's kind of dumb, we're supposed to believe that no one else remembers the sentinels of the future or the alternate timeline. So, post Deadpool, we know that Wolverine knows about the old post 1973 timeline because his consciousness was there, Professor X too, because they clearly talk together, Beast, Magneto and Mystique because they were partially told about it, maybe Apocalypse, (maybe Bill Murray), Deadpool, because he saw DOFP, and Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, (probably) Weasel, Vanessa, Al and anyone else within earshot of Deadpool, because Deadpool doesn't shut up. Deadpool was right; it is a really confusing timeline.

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