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Scandal mid-season premiere spoilers ahead!

Shonda Rhimes has used her talent of storytelling with television shows to bless us with , three hours of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, & How To Get Away With Murder, three extremely different shows that all have one thing in common: Extremely strong female leads.

With the mid-season premiere, I found something interesting with Scandal though. Episode 5x10 started off with a smoldering sex scene between Olivia and Jake, which would be no surprise to fans since going back to Jake after splitting from the President seems to always be her go-to move, but what was different was the amount of power she enforced.

There were no feelings. No love. No intimacy. Rhimes was painting Olivia as men are typically painted in the situation; detached, strong, in control. It seemed losing President Fitz was not what has been plaguing Olivia, but the loss of power. She controlled the nation and now that this has been taken from her, she copes by controlling Jake.

An interesting concept for Rhimes to throw out, since her strong female leads (Olivia Pope especially) have always been grounded. With Olivia becoming corrupt by this human greed for power, comes the biggest blow to her ego as she realizes by the end of the episode that every man she has ever loved - her father, President Fitz, & Jake Ballard - have teamed up together behind her back.

Even Olivia's power of knowledge, of being in the loop, has been compromised. Is Shonda Rhimes tearing her strongest female lead down? Has she written Olivia Pope into a corner? To the top of the mountain so that the only place to go now is back down? Are we going to see Olivia's growth regress because of three men and their power to manipulate?

I highly doubt this, so relax. Knowing Shonda Rhimes, this is an opportunity to slightly shift power for an episode or two before putting her favorite fixer back on top.


Who do you want to see Olivia with?


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