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UFC featherweight champion, Conor McGregor, talking smack is nothing new. In fact, after the "Go Big" press conference in September, it's become quite expected.

It's also expected to have his fellow fighters return the smack talk two fold. Recently, Anderson Silva warned the Irishman to be careful "running his mouth about Brazilians."

What's not expected is for McGregor to take criticism from his homeland of Ireland.

Irish media has come out and attacked the fighter for his "greed" and "moral indecency." JP O'Malley, of The Irish Independent, begins his tirade on McGregor by attacking his "moral compass."

The world champion mixed-martial-arts fighter isn't just a paid lackey for a dodgy sporting enterprise working out of the Nevada desert. McGregor also appears to be devoid of any kind of moral compass; a trait one usually expects from a successful global athlete of his stature...
His one true loyalty is to money and material wealth.

O'Malley continues with his criticism if the new champ:

Never one to shy away from cliches and bland stereotypes in public, McGregor has also labelled the Irish - to millions of viewers around the world - as a nation of people who "are lovers of combat". It's hard to figure out if McGregor has the even the most basic intellectual faculties required to think before he speaks, given just how outrageous some of his comments have been.
Indeed, what's most galling about McGregor's arrogant persona, which lacks any sense of humility, is the way he's attempting to market what appears to be a natural inclination towards stupidity as national pride - especially his parading of the tricolour as a badge of honour, draped around his shoulders after each fight.

O'Malley doesn't stop there, he's also attacks McGregor's rise to the throne and how it affects kids:

Perhaps what's most worrying about McGregor's recent accession to sporting global dominance, though, is the example it's setting to impressionable youngsters across Ireland. Namely, the normalising of barbaric violence in our culture, especially around young, naive, and hugely impressionable children, who tend to emulate the behaviour of their elders.

Besides McGregor's flair for trash talking, it doesn't help that the UFC champion has been on record for idolizing ex-boxing legend Mike Tyson... who, putting it lightly, has had quite the checkered past.

While on top, McGregor can expect to take a few hits in the press. Being on top comes with as many downfalls as it does perks, but let's face facts, this is the UFC... being on top doesn't usually last that long.


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