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Pretty much a fan of all but if you come at me with horror I have a salt shaker and an iron rod and I'm not afraid to use them :D
Andrea Marie Cini

On the 16 February, only days after the the iconic release of Deadpool we Moviepilot Creators had been given a challenge, the Pick-a-Flick challenge in fact. Just as Harry Potter rose to accept his place in the Triwizard Tournament and Katniss embraced her role of Tribute to represent her Distract I accept my fellow creator's challenge with the following choices.

Best Moment:

For me the best moment will forever be the jar of dirt scene form Pirates of the Caribbean. The fact that this scene is totally improvised makes it even better!

Best Plot:

The latest edition of my favourite films collection, I spent the whole 2 hours of The Dressmaker on the edge of my seat anticipating and fearing what else was to come.

Best Dialogue:

It may be long but I love the complexity and brilliance of this scene from Doctor Who. Apart from introducing one of the most feared monsters in the series this is also the scene were Tennant utters the iconic words "wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff!"

Most Intelligent Flick:

Ah this has to be Sherlock for me, if this high-functioning sociopath isn't considered a genius I don't know who is.

Best Movie:

This might have been the easiest choice. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone was the film that first brought magic into my life and, 15 years later, it still holds a special place in my heart.

And here's a bonus one!

Most Awkward Dialogue:

I couldn't resits, I remember watching this scene in Star Wars: Episode II and just feeling so bad and awkward for the characters, it was near unbearable!

So those are my nominees! Love them or hate them I pass on the torch but, the true question is, will you accept the challenge?


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