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Big News Set To Break Many Fans' Hearts - Gwen Cooper Quits Torchwood

The Welsh Actress, Eve Myles, has announced that she is to hand in her Torchwood I.D and depart after playing Gwen Cooper for a fantastic 10 Years.

Myles has been talking to many fans on Twitter, she had been discussing the works of Guy Adams. Adams is responsible for writing the 2002 Torchwood novel 'The House That Jack Built' as well as Big Finish audio drama Torchwood: More Than This'. Eve explained she feels "honoured" to work with Guy Adams. She has called this situation as "bittersweet".

Eve Myles for Big Finish Audio Stories
Eve Myles for Big Finish Audio Stories

Eve Myles first appeared in Torchwood when it first started in 2006. She had appeared in all four Series as the loving character alongside John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness.

It's likely Eve is sticking by her announcement and her appearance in 'Torchwood: More Than This – The Finale' is her final appearance as Gwen Cooper.

Eve Myles on Twitter
Eve Myles on Twitter

Wishing Eve Myles all the best for her future career in whatever she intends to do. She will be deeply missed.


Will You Miss Eve Myles As Gwen Cooper?


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