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Following the box office record-breaking hit that is Deadpool, Fox has decided to emulate some of the film's success for its upcoming movie Wolverine 3.

Although Deadpool's commercial success could be attributed to a number of contributing factors (*cough, cough* Ryan Reynolds), the studio is thinking that its hard R rating didn't hurt its $132.7 million opening weekend. And the mouth on that merc was nowhere near a PG-13 rating.

At Toy Fair 2016, 20th Century Fox quietly announced on a pamphlet that it's anticipating an R rating for the next — and final — installment of the Wolverine trilogy. The following image was posted to Imgur showing the film's logo and targeted MPAA rating.

Imgur / RayChaos
Imgur / RayChaos

In the past, the Hugh Jackman movies have maintained their PG-13 rating, but it appears Fox wants to allow him to fully stretch his adamantium claws and push it to the limits for his final go-round as James "Logan" Howlett.

Considering these pamphlets were likely printed long before Deadpool's earnings rolled in, chances are the studio made this decision independently of the film's success. However, I'm sure the shockingly impressive weekend makes Fox's case for an R-rated Wolverine far easier.

'Wolverine 3,' also known as Hugh Jackman's final farewell to the X-Men franchise, will hit theaters on March 3, 2017.


Do you want to see an R rating for 'Wolverine 3'?

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