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So I recently started watching the TV series 'Supernatural' I finished 8 of the 10 season on Netflix in around a month. Recently finding out about the Men of Letters got me thinking 'Arrow' has spinoffs and 'The Originals' is a spinoff. Why doesn't 'Supernatural'. I started to think of many possibilities including

1. John Winchesters hunt

This would follow the story of John Winchester after the death of his wife Mary and would feature the young Sam and Dean Winchester. This story however has been told in flashbacks in earlier seasons of 'Supernatural' but has never been done in depth. This show would be interesting but also a very repeated story of 'Supernatural'

2. Castiel's life

As it says in the title this would follow the life of our favourite angel Castiel. I don't know how it works but unfortunately Castiel would either have to change vessels because in the earlier years his current vessel portrayed by Misha Collins isn't alive yet. Castiel wouldn't be the same without Misha at the helm so it would be a very hard show to watch or the creators would have to find a loop hole so that Misha sticks around.

3. Archangels

I kind of like the idea of this show and it being like 'The Originals' being the archangels as brothers and them wreaking havoc on earth. In terms of 'The Originals' Lucifer would be Klaus, Raphael would be Marcelo, Michael would be Elijah and Gabriel would be the unique one. The story could also involve Castiel and Balthazaar.

4. Men of Letters

Although my personal favourite was 'Men of Letters'. This story would be based around the life of great grandpa winchester (We'll keep the family history alive) as a foot soldier/cataloguer for the 'Men of Letters' I could see this going many seasons going from pre WWII a season focused solely based on WWII and in the later seasons would focus on great grandpa Winchester teaching Henry Winchester the ways of Men of Letters, leading to Henry becoming his partner at a very early age. If this show was to be as successful as 'Supernatural' and go 11 seasons or longer unfortunately great grandpa Winchester would either die or retire of old age. For me I'd like to see him become a vampire be killed by a young Rufus, Bobby Singer or even Jo's dad and go to purgatory so then his son would enter purgatory and have to get him back.

The Men of Letters was such a small part of 'Supernatural' even though the Winchesters now locate themselves at the Men of Letters base, we don't know how they got all the information and what effect they've had on history. I believe this would make for an amazing TV series and or movie.

What would you like to see in a 'Supernatural' Spinoff? Comment below


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