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My fellow Moviepilot U attendee and proud member of Paul's Padawans has thrown down the gauntlet. A select few have been challenged to scour the vast recesses of our movie obsessed minds and do the impossible, choose our favorite movie moment, give our opinion on the best movie and the most intelligent movie, best dialogue and the best plot/story. This will not be easy but I will accept this challenge, choose with conviction and then beat myself up over the choices I made. So here goes.

  • 1.) Best Moment-

Oh the sweet redemption! When Karma and true justice converge for the ultimate Coup de Grace to the system of oppression. In no way could this scene alone have the gravitas without the buildup, so if you haven't seen The Shawshank Redemption please stop what you're doing and watch one of the best films in history!

  • 2.) Best Story/Plot

I had a difficult time choosing something for every single category. Something I learned from writing this article is that I love films about revenge. In Shawshank Andy's redemption is his revenge. For Maximus in Gladiator his revenge is his demise and redemption.

  • 3.) Best Dialogue

This dialogue from Planes, Trains and Automobiles may be a little one sided but it's no doubt my favorite in history. Like the Shawshank scene above it may lack the bite without the buildup but it's still funny. NSFW by the way, especially if you work at Marathon Car Rental.

  • 4.) Most Intelligent Flick

Basically I could've just posted a picture of Christopher Nolan in this category with no caption and nobody would've debated me on it. Still, this was a very tough choice and Kubrick had some solid entries as well. Mostly The Prestige is my favorite intelligent movie which is why it gets the win.

  • 5.) Best Movie

Goodfellas, It's A Wonderful Life,Casablanca, The Godfather I & II. Just some of the great movies I've been fortunate enough to have seen. Not to mention the great films listed above. However since I've been very little, Back To The Future has been my favorite film and I have yet to watch any film that can usurp it's place in my heart. In fact my very first Moviepilot article was about how I first saw and fell in love with BTTF. Here is that article, the story is good but the article is my first so kinda shabby .


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