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I know more than I should....
Brandon Munter

Police were called to a house in Great Falls, Montana Sunday night as neighbors apparently thought that the Zombie Apocalypse had become a reality. According to notes from the police, received by the Great Falls Tribune, the call reported...

“screaming from a house about someone having a gun"

I'm sure they omitted the distinct sounds of zombies lurking about as they lay huddled in the closet during the phone call expecting that the undead horde would be bashing in their windows at any minute.

Based on the information from the call, the Police response was swift. Dare I say they mobilized and surrounded the house in under one hour's time. As they prepared to breach the house, per the notes, they heard "loud talking" and saw "flashing lights," coming from the home. Then they apparently observed a family watching television... loudly... near an open window. They were watching the mid-season premier of The Walking Dead.

I'm sure the neighbors were relieved that their small brains were safe from Zombie teeth...


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