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When compared to Disney characters, the Game of Thrones characters have a lot in common! From the way they dress to how they act, there are a lot of similarities! Some are so uncanny you'd think they were the same person!

Mulan as Arya

Arya had to disguise herself as a boy! She learned to do everything a boy would do, including use a sword. She had to go to great lengths to go pee, bathe, and more when she was on the road to Castle Black. Eventually both were found out!

Ariel as Sansa

Both Ariel and Sansa wanted to live in a world they didn't come from. Sansa gave up family and trust to try to become queen. So she changes and transforms to be a lady of King's Landing. Unlike Ariel, Sansa ends up terrorized by the prince turned king. Poor Sansa had not had happiness, so far.

Rapunzel as Daenerys

Daenerys and Rapunzel were both taken to a new home as infants. They broke the chains so to speak that kept them tied to their caregivers. In Daenerys's case that was her brother. Once they were away from these people, they both bloomed immensely! Not to mention the awesome animals that help them and are their companions, a chameleon and dragons!

Mother Gothel as Cersei

They are both extremely protective of their children! Sure one is a pretend mom, but that doesn't change much! Cersei goes to any length to keep them safe just like Mother Gothel, no matter the cost.

Sleeping Beauty as Myrcella

These girls have a lot in common! First, they were both sent away to keep them safe. Second, Myrcella and Aurora fell in love with their betrothed without meaning to. Third, they look just alike, which is awesome!

Kuzco as Jaime Lannister

These spoiled brats are two peas in a pod! They think names, money, and position mean more than being a decent human being. Eventually though, they see the error of their ways with the help of a friend, for Jaime it was Brienne and for Kuzco it was Pacha.

Prince Charming as Robb

Obviously, besides the actor, they have tons in common. They are the eldest, in Charming's case only, son and must take over after their fathers die. While they are to be married off, they choose the women they love instead, no matter the consequences. Unfortunately, Robb's happily ever after was cut short by betrayal.

Russell as Sam

Always trying to help but not always welcome. Their fathers are never around and someone else becomes their mentor. They're chubby guys full of love to give! They cause small problems but never mean to! They're just alike and they're lovable characters!


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