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Deadpool is the foul-mouthed, star-studded and reference-filled movie we've always wanted. Although it's difficult to imagine improving upon the bloody good fun of the film, earlier drafts of the screenplay suggest we might have had a few more fan-favorite characters coming along for the ride.

In an interview with Empire Online, Deadpool star and producer Ryan Reynolds stated that there were a couple of X-Men appearances that were thisclose to making it to production.

During Empire's Deadpool Spoiler Special Podcast, Reynolds revealed that he and the studios grappled with the idea of including Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, along with famed Marvel villain Taskmaster. But as is the case with my everyday life, it all came down to money.

"Taskmaster was in the script originally. Too expensive. We had versions where Hugh Jackman was in there, but it just becomes a big mess for the studio — schedules, money, everything.
“We went through such hell developing the script, and developing which X-Men we could keep, and which we couldn’t. It turned into such a nightmare. The studio would just say, ‘Too expensive, too expensive’ to everybody."

In the end, the two parties agreed on including Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and plenty of jokes at the expense of the stingy studio.

After seeing the movie, I think Negasonic and Colossus made wonderful additions to the cast. So everything worked out, even without Jackman coming to the rescue.

Reynolds also confirmed that a script for Deadpool 2 is underway. After raking in a massive $132 million domestically this weekend, I'm guessing Fox will be a little more lenient with the sequel's budget.

What characters would you like to see make a appearance in the 'Deadpool' sequel?

(Source: Empire)


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