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I'm not one to hand out 10's like Oprah hands out cars, but this movie gets one because it was exactly what it was suppose to be. Deadpool was not a "film without flaws," but it was flawless for what it set out to be. Don't worry, there'll be no spoilers here.

Let's Get Started
Let's Get Started

The Intro

Like I said, no spoilers, so I'll try and keep this as cut and dry as possible. The introduction (first two minutes) of this movie alone is just pure, comical, violent, happiness-inducing fun. I'll give you a second to think of the best opening credits to a movie you've ever seen. Got it? Well, when you go see Deadpool, I'm sure you'll forget all about your initial answer. Hint, read the actors' names.

Violence; So Much Violence

Whether someone's head is getting chopped off and kicked into someone else's head, limbs are being removed, or someone takes a lighter pressed to the face, the violence in this movie is incredibly noteworthy. It's not just "oh he got shot in the face" or "Oh, he just got punched." When people are getting harmed in this movie, it's in ways you've most likely never seen before.

Humor and Meta

There has never been a comic book movie that made me laugh so hard or say so frequently what Captain America once said...

I don't want to spoil any of the jokes, but you've already heard "A testicle with teeth" in the trailer as well "I'm touching myself tonight." And those weren't even the best ones. Oh, and that "meta" I suggested, yes, he breaks the fourth wall a few times. And each time, of course, was brilliant.

Ryan Reynolds Lives Up To Expectations

You've seen the marketing brilliance displayed by Ryan Reynolds in the last few months, but those are commercials and social media posts. What about the actual movie? Well, keeping it lightly said, he fully lives up to the expectations in the movie. In my post about "Best Studio Super Hero Movie Line-Up" I wrote in January, I suggested that Ryan Reynolds could be the next irreplaceable "comic book hero," joining the stage with Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Jackman. I definitely believe, after seeing this movie, that is the case.

Origin Story

In recent years, people have complained a lot about origin story movies from comic book inspired films. Well, this is essentially an origin story for Deadpool, however, it doesn't feel like one. Deadpool is shot in the present with contingent flashes of the past and with that sort of style in mind, it really is one of the greatest origin story movies out there. Quality wise, it joins the same origin story status as 2008's Iron Man and 2005's Batman Begins. Not bad company.

In Closing...

In conclusion, Deadpool delivers. It's everything it needed to be and maybe more. Keeping it as simply as I can, "Deadpool is blood spurting violence, full of crude language, and simply pure, R-Rated fun; this movie knows exactly what it is."


What'd you think of Deadpool?


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