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Directed by: An overrated tool

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, TJ Miller

Surprise! This is not your average superhero movie! Not only was it Marvel's giant leap at an R-Rated film, it also ranks in my books as one of the top 5 Marvel films to hit the screen, and boy it has left a huge impact in the superhero genre. A simple story, of love actually, but when you put the Merc with a mouth in this situation, it is an extremely ballsy roller coaster. The opening credits alone sold me on this film as being one of the most hilarious, exciting things of the year... and we're barely in February!

This is a love story. A crazy, twisted love story about a former special ops agent turned friendly not so friendly neighborhood Merc Wade Wilson, who's a cocky, loud mouth, obnoxious, stubborn stud that falls in love with a reasonably crazy gal that has the same mindset as Wade. After many fondling loving days, Wade is unconscious only to wake up knowing he is cancer, everywhere. Upon learning the news, all hope is completely lost, until a secret somebody shows up and tells Wade that he can be cured! With a special serum that can make Wade invincible, he decides to go with it only to be tortured by our baddie Ajax (he's named after a dish soap... but actually Francis) and we meet our Nemesis. After the procedure leaves his face badly scarred, the kidnapping of his girl, and the plus feature of advance healing, it is game on revenge mode as the wise cracking, anti-hero Deadpool!

What made this film balanced and unique was that right from the start it makes fun of itself in the easiest way. Tim Miller and Company do not hold back on the vulgarity, which is fantastic! The beginning sequence is one to remember by a fluid motion shot of Deadpool massacring in humiliating fashion a group of henchmen. Oh how lovely the "Angel of the morning" was perfectly utilized. It is so brutal yet extremely pleasurable. The whole movie itself was brutal and extremely pleasurable. I don't know much of this character but now he cannot escape my mind. The wit, the 80's style film of unnecessary action, cheesy explicit laughs, and a brutal solid R Rating, makes Deadpool a crowd pleasing, comic revival delight. From start to finish you're completely hooked on this character and how everything could play out, turning out to be devilishly satisfying. Ryan Reynolds was absolutely perfect for this role. We should forget X-Men Origins Wolverine, but the take on Wade Wilson in that film, stirred a much needed debate that the Merc with a mouth needs a solo movie pronto! After several attempts it has finally happened and it pays off tremendously! The acting is great, the fight sequences are disgusting pleasures, the jokes are what make 85% of this film, and they are spot on, even though you might be laughing so hard from one joke and miss dialogue, another joke comes at you harder and it is so satisfying. Rather focus on a plot that builds up to another Marvel story like every other films formula, it mixes its own magic and focuses solely on Deadpool. That's all we've ever wanted. A Deadpool movie, about Deadpool kicking butt and taking names. A gritty, quick witted, mouth slinging, fast healing, hero, with yet another spot on soundtrack from Tom Holkenborg, and busting fourth walls left and right. It's the Marvel movie we deserved, and it really is a treat. Some jokes are jaw droppers, others reference less fortunate comic films, and some jokes make fun of Reynolds himself, but all around the comedy is extremely high and there's never a moment without a raunchy sick attempt at comedy gold. The creative team and Reynolds clearly had a blast doing this. Each action sequence is pin point precise on squeezing out as much eye gauging goodies as it possibly can. Not to ruin anything here but one hilarious scene that is so unforgettable is of Deadpool fighting Colossus... well trying to anyways. Of course they wanted to nail a great adaptation of this bold Marvel Phenom. Could they do crossovers? They should. Should Marvel films and the general Comic genre start R Rated films? If it works. With Deadpool in the books as possibly one of the best Marvel movies, heads will be spinning and brains well start clicking that maybe some classic comic tales should attempt the R, because this is the beautiful start of a game changer. Yes there are after credit scenes that are really nice touches to the finishing masterpiece which makes it all around a fun, daring, respectable joy. If this was PG-13 I do not think it would have the positivity track it has right now. So let us embrace as we should; A party fest for Deadpool Junkies.

Was the movie perfect? Yeah pretty much! All things quirky, effects, music, the emotionality, it had everything we could ask for a movie and some. But a nitpicking I must unfortunately do and that's the ads. When seeing the first trailer on Conan, I was greatly anticipating for this movie. The next trailer the music from DMX made Deadpool an absolute necessity to see. As great and slightly sufficing as they were, it was the TV spots that showed the same freeway fight scene, show casing Deadpool in sweet slow action. It seemed that that's where all the action would take. I was not hoping for that situation but that's exactly what happened. Although the focus was on Deadpool, every action scene was on that highway and already seen in the commercials, which was about 90% of the movie. The other 10% was the humor, and the mental violence that was bestowed on us. Not saying that 10% was not a great thing, but another action scene would have been a good touch and my final nitpick is that we have another villain that is still a flat cliche. Marvel we love the heroes, but Yellowjacket and Loki cannot be the only decent memorable ones here.

Deadpool is the love story Marvel Fans have been waiting for. Add in a potty mouth, invincible, gore pleasing, balls out bashing Merc and some of the best laughs you'll ever have with a nice twist of a superhero tale, and you'll enjoy the best chimichanga you've ever had.


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