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Sun & Moon Studios NC has been recruiting locally based North Carolina Actors and Crew members in their productions for a few years now, and we just wanted to take the time to let you know about a few folks that we think deserve some extra spotlight on their efforts from our area! We hope you’ll add them to your list of reliable talent to call upon for your next film and let us know how it went!


The following list of actors and actresses have all been involved with our productions and keep up an IMDB page for further details on their careers. We’ve found them to be a pleasure to work with and think you will as well!

Kevin O’ Connor -

Mel Burch -

Orlando Ricci -

Ticarus Bunch -

Dustin Lee Cartee -

Dave Harlequin

Sonia Pape -

Casey Gogolin -

Jacinta Carol -

Chris Sheridan -

England Simpson -

Andy Fairbanks

Kaden Suon -

Chris Baldwin -

Chris Matheny -

Charles Baldwin -

Kristen Danielle Thompson -

Bill Conklin -

Kenneth Williams -

Keenan Isaiah -


The following list of talented film and sound crew have all been involved with our productions from time to time, and we would recommend using them to any other film-makers out there looking for solid team-mates in this industry. Their skills (as we know them) are listed by their names so you can categorize them how you like.

Manny Sadek – Sound Stage owner, Video Editor, Director of Photography, Sound Recording Studios, Owns several cameras including a RED, On Location Sound Recording for Film, Training Videos for Corporate Interests

Dave Harlequin – Nerd Nation Magazine Co-Owner, Script Writing and Supervision, Movie Reviews, Convention Circuit Road Warrior, Marketing

Chris Clark – Still Photography, Promotional Photography, Wet Plate Photography, Video Editor, Event Photography and Video

George Wilson – Still Photography, 2nd Camera, Director, Producer, Film Festival Experienced, Short Films, Production Assistant, 1st Assistant Director

Casey Gogolin – Make Up Artist

Megan Grant – Make Up Artist, Special FX (Practical FX), Hair Stylist and Colorist, Mobile Capabilities

Kat Hato – Script Supervisor, Continuity Advisor, Production Assistant

Valuable On-Set Production Assistants:

Andy Fairbanks

Jason Rivers (Also a great Stunt Performer)

Thai Tran

Bill Conklin (Also a great Crafty)

Kaden Suon (Also a great Stunt Performer)

We hope that you can find a use for these wonderful North Carolina talents in your production, and we can fully vouch for their ability and worth to your productions! Thanks for taking the time to read about them!

Now, go make some movies and keep alive!

JC Kingsley
Sun & Moon Studios NC


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