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(Warning: Spoilers for 'Deadpool' ahead)

Last week, the much anticipated film adaptation of Deadpool finally hit theaters after 11 long years of waiting, and almost everyone agrees it was well worth the wait! Fans finally got the Deadpool they deserved, appearing to be the perfect embodiment of the Merc with the Mouth from the comics — except for one little tid-bit.

The only negative comment I heard about the movie adaption from the comics was the love story laced throughout the film. Some of the more hardcore Deadpool fans were quite alarmed that Wade Wilson would go through all of that work just for a girl — specifically a girl he had only a brief relationship with in the comics.

Vanessa and Wade's relationship in the movie was quite different to what happened in the comic books. In the comics, there was only a brief relationship between the two before she split off to become the super-mercenary Copy Cat (she was a mutant). This differs from the movie version of their relationship quite severely, as Wade goes to great lengths just to keep her happy and to win her back.

This is quite a change, as the comic book Deadpool really did not ever hold a woman to these standards. He never seemed to risk everything for a girl — he was a lot more of a womanizer and cared more about getting laid than actually getting the girl herself. When it came down to it, Deadpool really did not care for any girl he was with to this extent — except for one:

Mistress Death

The only woman (or sort of woman) that Deadpool ever truly cared for was Mistress Death, the common form of death in the comics. They were both deeply in love, but could never truly be together because Deadpool simply could not die.

Nevertheless, the romance between these two was as explosive as the sky on the Fourth of July. These two love birds were truly in love, and she was the only woman Deadpool would ever truly love in this way. Death was the love of Deadpool's life.

This is where things get fun... clearly the writers and producers wanted to stay as accurate to the comics as they could, which would require them to keep Deadpool's resistance to commitment, except for with this one woman.

But how is it possible for Wade Wilson still be accurate to the comics if he is holding this enormous relationship with Vanessa throughout the movie, most likely marrying her between now and the next film? Really, when it comes down to it, it is quite simple...

Vanessa Is Mistress Death!

Apart from the crazy in love relationship they share, there are actually a lot of similarities between Vanessa and Death. Though it is not a fact that Vanessa is supposed to be Mistress Death, it is certainly a strong possibility.

She runs into Wade the day he was predicted to die

Before he became Deadpool, Wade's favorite place to hang out at was the bar owned by his friend Weasel. The unique part of this bar was its Dead Pool, a betting process the visitors to the bar used to guess which mercenary would die next.

The day Wade and Vanessa met in that bar was the day Wade's own best friend Weasel bet on him to die. If your own best friend predicts that you will die, there's a pretty good chance it's going to happen. Anticipating the death, Mistress Death (a.k.a. Vanessa) went to find Wade Wilson herself to collect his spirit.

The day he proposes, he suddenly receives a fatal disease

Shortly after Wade proposed to Vanessa / Death, he startled the audience by suddenly dropping. During a visit to the doctor immediately after, Wade is shockingly diagnosed with terminal cancer, which infects his liver, lungs, prostate, and brain. With absolutely no sign of the disease before hand, the cancer somehow managing to take over that much of his body seems rather supernatural.

Perhaps after Wade proposed to her, Vanessa / Death realized she did not want to wait for them to truly be together. To fix this, she infected him with the world's most murderous illness to take him as her own. But really, do you expect to sleep with Death herself every night and not have some negative side effects?

She seemed very angry with Wade for still being alive

After being separated from her boyfriend for so long, you would think Vanessa would be relieved to find that he is still alive — but she was not pleased. Though this may be because he ran away from her, could it have been a lot more?

Perhaps it was not rage for him hiding we saw, but Death's rage that Wade had cured himself so that he could not die — eliminating any possibility of them having a future. During that final fight she was furious with him, constantly calling him an "asshole." Wouldn't you do the same if the love of your life (or death) unknowingly made it impossible for you two to ever be together?

She somehow survived a fall that would have killed any normal human

During the finale of the film, Vanessa survived the enormous fall off of a wrecked aircraft carrier tipping over. How? By being put into an already broken glass case. Though this somehow worked in Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull when Indy hid inside a refrigerator to survive an atomic bomb, this really could not work for any normal human.

So how did she survive? The only explanation for this would be that she is already dead. Death can't die, thus Vanessa can't die.

Though this theory may appear a bit farfetched, it is certainly possible and actually explains a lot about the movie. Not only does it explain the outstanding difference between Deadpool in the movie and in the comics, but it also explains how Wade became sick so suddenly and how Vanessa survived that horrible fall.

Though they may or may not confirm this fact in the next movie, it is definitely a strong possibility that Vanessa is Mistress Death in Deadpool, and Wade simply just does not know it yet.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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