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Deadpool is truly the story of the little movie that could, with everything going against it, the film managed to surprise everyone and become a force of nature at the box office. With no indication of slow down Deadpool is posed to become the highest grossing X-men universe film ever. Lets take a look at the records it broke this weekend.

Break Dancing after breaking records
Break Dancing after breaking records

Biggest R-rated opening weekend:

With $150 million over its Friday-to-monday frame, Deadpool beat the previous record holder "The Matrix Reloaded" which had a gross of 91 million

Biggest opening weekend for a first-time director:

This is Tim Millers first feature film its safe to say he has made a name for himself.

Biggest Friday-Sunday opening weekend from a long weekend:

Deadpool made 132 million over its three day weekend and had the largest opening for a film that still had a day or two left in the long weekend.

That car is the boxoffice grosses of ALL other Xmen
That car is the boxoffice grosses of ALL other Xmen

Biggest 20th Century Fox debut ever:

This one speaks for itself.

Biggest R-rated Friday, Saturday, Sunday:

Deadpool earned 47 million on Friday, then 42 million on Saturday and finally 42 million on Sunday. The amazing fact is that if we dont include the amount made from the preshowings, then Deapool made more on Saturday and Sunday then Friday!

Biggest R-rated Monday:

Deadpool earned 19 million on Monday.

Still a ways to go to reach the Avengers
Still a ways to go to reach the Avengers

Biggest February opening weekend:

Deadpool surpassed the $85 million Fri-Sun/$93 million Fri-Mon debut for Fifty Shades of Grey,

Biggest opening weekend for Ryan Reynolds:

He really needed a hit and Deadpool has lifted him from failing star back to the A list.

Thats not the only thing Deadpool made go bang
Thats not the only thing Deadpool made go bang

Biggest R-rated comic book superhero movie ever:

In its first weekend Deadpool outgrossed Wanted's 134 million total, as well as Watchmen's 107 million total.

Biggest X-Men debut ever:

It sliced up the $102 million Fri-Sun and $122 million Fri-Mon Memorial Day 2006 debut weekend for X-Men: The Last Stand. It aldo took out the 132 million total of The Wolverine, 146 million of X-men: First Class, the original X-men film 157 million and finally X-men Origins: Wolverines 179 million.


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