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Much speculation has been going on about whether or not movie studios will emphasize the "R" rating approach to upcoming comic book movies since the unexpected success of "Deadpool".

Some have considered that, since Wolverine has been a candidate for the rating for many years, even having an early version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine being rated R, FOX would take the chance given the earlier-mentioned outcome of their latest superhero starring Ryan Reynolds.

Apparently, today is the day for that (or... weeks ago was the day for that, I don´t know how much time passes between studios making the decisions and sharing them with their audience). The New York Toy Fair is going on right now and, according to Reddit user "RayChaos", this document was handed out during the event:

As you can see, it showcases the logo for the third Wolverine outing, which emphasizes it being the third installment by Wolverine's signature claw marks (because if you have a third installment in a franchise you can't pass the chance of using that clever imagery, it's not like any film used it before *Extremely sarcastic Cough* X-Men: The Last Stand.

That's not all though, this document supposedly reveals the film will be rated "R" by a sentence that reads "ANTICIPATED RATING: R"; which, if true, would strengthen the argument that studios are now more comfortable putting R-rated superhero media out there.

As a side note, why don't they announce the home media release dates a week after a film leaves cinemas? Why do they always leave us in the dark for so long with everything?

Just remember this is something someone on Reddit posted, so don't take it as an absolute fact, but given the fact that toys are the main source of spoilers for films nowadays (geez, how desperate are we?), New York's Toys Fair seems like the place where this would happen; adding to that is the "The Maze Runner: The Death Cure" logo beside it.

What do you think? Is this true? Would you be up for an R-rated Wolverine?


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