ByCatherine English, writer at
So that about sums it up, ya don't say!! So Jeffery Dean Morgans gonna be letting out his dark side and the 'Alexandrian's' are the new rich kids with the nice houses n all the cool toys he want's for himself! He's gonna take 'em to town, do a little pounding with trusted sidekick 'Lucille' n bring 'em all down to a sniveling, compliant well trained snatch n grab pack for the benefit of the 'Sanctuary'? Oh the proverbial S*%T is well n truly gonna hit the fan and fans! That been us the ever hungry 'Walking Dead' cohorts who live to see Rick, Daryl, Michonne n crew show what a real underdog can do when pushed beyond, well beyond anything that's considered a direct threat to their 'New World We've Found It' existence. So to recap if ur the Denny dying n leaving Izzy (Grey's) or Deaf Texas Ranger til my dying breath (Texas Ranger's Rising) fan then this Jeffery Dean Morgan is not the one for you! Oh how my love for him has just been trampled n my heart along with it, Hang on to your hats the journey is about to hit some serious turbulence!! TWD Forever!! :)

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