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If you're all caught up on The Flash then you know it's time for a big Suicide Squad player to come to town- King Shark! That's right, the hulking behemoth is back and is bringing Lyla and John Diggle to Central City with him. But seeing as this set up is being built, it raising one huge question-What happened to the Suicide Squad? Well it's simple. The movie. Since the cinematic and TV universes will not be connected, the DC execs have basically set it up so that whenever a movie is coming out and the TV shows are using a character that will show up in the movie, the TV show has to get rid of the character. With the upcoming Suicide Squad movie coming out in August, everything Suicide Squad related is gone. It's a shame though, because Arrow did such a good job with the Suicide Squad and I for one think that Arrow could still pull off a Suicide Squad and even be better than the Cinematic version of the team.

1. Evil Characters

How often are we introduced to a character that just seems evil just for the heck of it, but then they are grown into a character that is actually not that bad in the end. The simple truth is villains are hard to relate to so the people in charge make them easier to relate to. Sometimes this works really well, but other times we just want to see our villains be villains, and that's one thing that I think the movie won't do. I guarantee you that some of the Squad is gonna be more like the Guardians of the Galaxy rather than straight up villains. On Arrow we already have a hero so we don't need to make the Squad sympathetic. We can have them be as evil and sinister as we want, and use Green Arrow as our beacon of good. Plus, the characters they could use would be more enjoyable evil than they would be good.

2. The Cast

The Squad wouldn't have many of the popular characters from the team, but they would still have the characters from the comics. Plus they would be boss! Bring back Deathstroke, Captain Boomerang, Bronze Tiger and a couple others (for more on this click here)and we'd have a cast of villains for the Squad that would be ruthless and incredible to watch. Forcing Oliver to work with these guys would challenge him as a hero and as a leader, which brings me to my next point.

3. Oliver Queen's Character

Let's be honest, the current Oliver Queen is boring. That would all change if he was forced to lead the Suicide Squad. Imagine him having to keep and team of supervillains, all of whom he's taken down, in check and in line. He's used to his team listening to him and following orders, but that's not a true test of his leadership. Let's see Oliver lead the Squad on some successful missions to hone his leadership skills and become the Justice Leaguer from the comics that we love. The Squad would push Oliver to his limits and add some much needed character development to the story. Speaking of story...

4. The Epic Storylines

Someone close or at least important to Oliver (son or baby mama) is going to die. This is going to prompt Felicity to say that he needs to kill Darhk. This gonna be serious and Oliver is gonna need more than his team of heroes. He's gonna need killers to help him take down. Darhk. What better reason to bring to Squad back than to take down Damien Darhk? Oliver himself knows that this new way of fighting crime is not as effective against Darhk. The Squad would be an excellent way for him to battle with the two sides of himself and create a struggle between the Arrow and the Green Arrow. And going beyond Darhk, think of how many interesting plot lines that the Squad could lead to. Merlyn could bring up a new sect of the League, the Squad could go up against the Rogues. There's so much that the writers of the shows could do with these characters that it seems a waste not to use them.

What do you think? Do you want to see the Squad come back in Arrow? Let me know in the comments.


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