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HawkEye and Trapper are at it again this time. it's with Hot Lips while the two are enjoying and extra dry martini Hot Lips is unaware of what the two pranksters had up their sleeves. Waiting patiently as hot-lips and major ferret face burns secretly use there not so secret code to enter hot lips tent. Little did they know there tent was full pranks today breakfast yesterday lunch tomorrow dinner piled nice and high underneath their pillows, radars bunny droppings in a jar of raisins that they sat out for their lovely date night, and switching klingers dress he wore for 20 days no shower should make their date night very interesting an one little thing i forgot to mention old rizzo mechanic skills work well on tents too. Here they come ! This is going to be better than the moon is blue Trapper. Yeah now it 's Burns is blue. They both snickered to themselves . Hotlips looks at Major Frank burns with the lust in her eyes while frank shoves his hands in his pocket pretending not to notice hotlips nodding her head and rolling her eyes toward the door. just got in already.Trapper yells . Who said that snaps burns ohhh frank come on my silk stockings are not going to come off themselves. Frank grins and proceeds to follow hotlips into the tent. The door feels a little lose oh frank it nothing now where were we have some raisins they were shipped in a couple of days ago. Hotlips grabs a handful and tosses one in franks mouth. frank with a disgusted look on his face quickly spits them out wheredid you get them ship from a farmin Mexico Margaret it taste just like never mind let's just skip the snack hotlips begans to pull frank closer kissing him hard both are stumbling and knocking over what nots hotlips saids Wait i have something sexy she hurries toward her chest without even realizing the switch she takes off her uniform and slides on Klingers dress thinking it was the lingerie she ordered in the sears spring catalog oh my what is that aweful smell said frank covering his nose and mouth trying not to throw up hot lips is furious this isnt mine she yells Trapper Hawk Eye meanwhile hawkeye and trapper are on their 5th dry martini when they heard hot lips yelling . just wait trapper the movie isnt over yet frank begins to leave but just as he opened the door the door came off the hinges cause frank to fall back on the bed making today breakfast yesterday lunch tomorow dinner spill all over him and hotlips which was standing next to the bed Ohhhh Frank. Hawkeye and Trapper both look at each other with a grin and said the next hollywood hit the burns is blue and hotlips too.


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